By jediboy7
Written October 24, 2016
I finally got to see a movie that I've loved since I was 4 years old on the big screen and it was well worth the wait. If you are able to get tickets to the last remaining night, please treat yourself, even if you've seen it 100 time and own the dvd/bluray. This really is a rare opportunity and it shouldn't be missed. The film never looked better and the ghost effects have never looked so real. I had an absolute blast with my friends. The whole audience left with big dumb smiles on their faces. Great night with a fantastic movie that has stood the test of time. The only thing that would've made it better was a double feature with Ghostbusters II.
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Fun to watch

By JoanneNYCblues
Written January 24, 2009
Ivan Reitman directs this really funny movie based on the script by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis. The script which is about three parapsychology professors who take up "Ghostbusting", is a funny concept and the characterizations all are very interesting. The whole cast, including Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, Ernie Hudson, Sigourney Weaver, Rick Moranis and Annie Potts do wonderful job and made me laugh.
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Who ya gonna call?!?

By hoser24
Written October 21, 2011
I'll be the first to admit, the film quality might not have been the greatest. Some parts were a little fuzzy. But, it did not take away from the film at all. After years of only seeing Ghostbusters on tv I finally got to see how the film should be experienced...on the big screen! Being able to sit in a theater with other movie watchers taking in a classic like this is the way it should be. Watching Ghostbusters in the theater made the movie 10 times better, and it's already an awesome movie. I hope they do this again with other (good) movies!
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It's Ghostbusters

By jmhull86
Written October 28, 2011
This movie is the best. THE BEST! I took someone who couldn't remember seeing it (which, I know, why was I even FRIENDS with this person) and we totally had a great time. A lot of people wearing shirts that obviously just came from their mom's basement. Could've lived without that.
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My Favorite Movie of All Time

By Benny Flicks
Written November 11, 2014
This is by far the best movie ever made! Brilliant original story, hilarious cast, filmed in New York City, amazing characters, beautiful score and soundtrack, heroes and villains, and it still holds up today even though it was made in 1984 - GO SEE THIS MOVIE IMMEDIATELY! I hope they make Ghostbusters III!!!
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