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Really good movie!

By whoisantoinej
Written October 01, 2016
Don't listen to the haters that never even watched the film and passed judgement. I never leave reviews but this movie was really good!
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Ghostbusters Ghostbusters <3

By aliciagonzalez224
Written September 05, 2016
it was amazing. I love how they had the original cast and they paid homage to Harold Ramis. I highly recommend this movie.
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By Garevans66
Written September 21, 2016
I was looking forward to this movie. I sidestepped all of the trumped up controversy over whether casting women in the leads would ruin the franchise. I could care less about all of that. The film has a few moments, but not enough. They, wisely I believe, avoided a retelling of the original film and opted to create a more independent narrative. However, the script just wasn't there and the actors seemed like they were trying to make up for that throughout. I was saddened to see a strong cast unable to generate the chemistry that a small ensemble needs. All are talented people, but again, it seems their talents largely lost in this film. The last reel degrades into a typical Hollywood mess attempting to find an artificial climax and the first reel lacks the imagination needed to set the expectation that this will be a clever and crafty take one a classic summer pleaser enjoyed by a wide audience. I suspect the writer/director (Paul Fein) and the cast were hamstrung by that last point. They simply could not employ the irreverent, often raunchy, humor that has been so characteristic of Fein's collaborations with Melissa McCarty. Without that comfortable and familiar home base to return to when the script needed a punch, they were left with trying to create memorable scenes and lines in a film whose original tethered them to a gentler sensibility. This creative crew simply seemed too far out of their element to make this work.
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By mrg09211976
Written October 21, 2016
Horrible overall movie, written by someone with no talent. Basically just written to make a GB movie with woman so it could be PC. Should have never remade a classic as they never ever do it justice today since writers have ZERO talent anymore.
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Written August 19, 2016
very funny whole family LOVED IT! Can't wait for the 2nd one!
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