Ghettophysics is a must see

By DaniG333
Written October 12, 2010
GhettoPhysic is a film that comments on the rapidly expanding economic divide in the US and globally. It features thought provoking interview from Dr. Cornel West, Ice T, KRS-ONE and Norman Lear. Check it out!
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The People Need to See This Movie

By featherzzzzz
Written October 04, 2010
Put away judgment and hear what is being told. GhettoPhysics is about getting lied to, taken advantage of, being used and low paid, being told something good is going to happen if you do this or that, and you end up with your trust freshly, daily, runned over. Jim Morrison said, HE WHO CONTROLS THE MEDIA CONTROLS THE PEOPLE. GHETTOPHYSICS cracks it all open and points the truth out where it should have been! Power to the filmmakers for having the foresight to see that this movie will cause changes in society, because they are giving evidence of people living under the rules of propaganda, misleading information, half baked truth and now go home and take it, cause you can't do anything about it. That is how a lot of people feel every day. The acting is gr8, as if the cast were being themselves, they played it like they meant it. The use of media styles shows all the tricks the media uses, and how it manipulative... Everyone see it. It is really important to see!
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Five Word Review

By mfrk_1139
Written October 06, 2010
inspired AMAZING powerful change mustsee!!!
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Another bold star for What the Bleep creator - a movie that makes you think...and act

By serena sands
Written October 02, 2010
William Arntz, you've done it again. Admittedly, I'm a a sucker for anything that makes you think, question, demand...but shouldn't we all be? At a time when we have all become disgusted with the disaster around us, discouraged by our own position, desperate for change, this film is the slap in the face we all need to wake up and do something about it. GhettoPhysics uses the world's oldest profession to break down the world's oldest game - power dynamics. And believe me, or rather believe our trusty filmmakers, its everywhere, from politics to economics to that failed realtionship you've been crying over for weeks. This film plunges us into the colorful world of the pimp and ho lined streets to open our eyes to the layers of deceit and control in every facet of society and challenges us to find an answer in ourselves, in our own actions. So, what is your role in the giant power web of the world? See this movie and take the first step - reclaim your power, speak your truth.
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