looks ridculous.

By poignant_penny
Written August 02, 2009
Stupid. Talking animals, especially hamsters, will never equal a great rating. Don't waste your life watching this one.
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G Force

By toph130
Written August 02, 2009
I took my 6 year old to see G Force. Overall, it was a fun, 'kid-friendly' (what 6 year old doesn't think rodent fart jokes are funny?) show. I think of it as a 'Mission:Impossible' meets 'The Rescuers' kind of movie. The action is perfect for younger viewers... unlikely to cause bad dreams or anything, but will keep his or her attention for the full hour and a half. Enjoy!
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G-Force Review

By SimbaFan08
Written July 31, 2009
The whole premise of the movie is somewhat, lets face it, stupid. I mean really, what "genius" came up with the idea for this movie? A bunch of talking secret agent guinea pig spies save the world. Seriously...The CGI in this movie was very realistic and believable. At times, it was downright incredible. The guinea pigs themselves were as cute as anybody could possibly imagine, and Disney succeeded in that. In later scenes where the Saber products come to life and go on rampages, I was strongly reminded of Michael Bay's Transformers, and I have to say that while it was nowhere near the quality of visual effects that Bay delivers, these wannabe-Transformers were fairly close. The one-liners were horrible in this movie. I can't even tell you how many I caught simply because there were too many, and 90% of them had me rolling my eyes. The blaring rap music through half the film was unbearable. All in all, I liked it alright, but I won't be seeing it again.
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Great for all ages!

By District_Z
Written August 20, 2009
A MUST see family movie! It's cute and fun, and overall it's enjoying to watch! Don't wait to rent it, see it on the bigscreen!
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By holly628
Written July 25, 2009
Excellent movie. Would see it again.
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