By nitewing11
Written July 31, 2009
We took my two sons, ages 8 and 4, and one of their friends.....it was a total hit for them....they loved it! My wife and I also got a kick out of it.......very light hearted, good story, funny. I'd recommend it for sure!
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46 and I enjoyed G-Force 3D

By ultimatetrek
Written August 04, 2009
I'm 46 and I enjoyed G-Force 3D. The animals were cute and intelligent. The story line had a nice twist for the villain and a good moral. Go and enjoy. I'd even buy it on video.
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By ilovemovieskp
Written August 20, 2009
G-force 3D ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Worth the $11! Very funny!!! The only thing I didn't like was the predictable plot. 3D is waaay cooler than a normal flick. The characters were spunky and cute, had nice chemistry and were fun to watch. Nicolas Cage's character's voice didn't sound like him at all(his character was Speckles, the mole). Overall great flick!
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G Force

By ausquinaim
Written July 27, 2009
A great movie, my 5 year old daughter loved the movie as did my wife and I. My daughter now wants to adopt a guinea pig, it is all she has talked about since we saw the movie yesterday! A fun summer movie to escape the world for and hour and a half!
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By Barbellking
Written July 05, 2009
I think the guinea pigs from south park episode pandemic were funnier looking.
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