By edwardgirl101
Written August 18, 2009
It a good Family movie and a laugh out laugh. Ity may be a little stuiped at times but good m ovie
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G Force

By 2go2movie
Written July 27, 2009
It was a pretty good movie for ages 7 - maybe 12; younger than 7 it wasn't enough to hold their attention, older than 12 not enough substance. Our whole family went which was seven of us and we were about 50/50 on like versus not necessarily dislike but way out there.
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By LZee
Written July 30, 2009
Good for kids. My seven-year old grandson was enthralled and talked about the movie for hours after seeing it. For adults, it was cute and held interest. The animation of the animals was amazing.
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By Hayley and Kyans Mom
Written August 02, 2009
BORING! and that is coming from a 32 year old so imagine how a child feels.My seven year old agrees.Save your money!!!
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EPIC Failure

By bunnyhops6
Written July 02, 2009
Looks horrible, seriously, GUINEA PIGS? Disney has to hire new movie workers. I am not seeing this movie EVER.
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