Five Word Review

By MrMomoney
Written August 29, 2009
very good wholesome family movie
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Five Word Review

By acascante
Written September 02, 2009
Badly written Disney children's movie.
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G Force

By snbodad
Written August 10, 2009
My 3 year old seemed to enjoy himself but I thought it was terrible and I've seen a LOT of kids' movies. The story was bland and predictable, the jokes (even the ones written for adults) were flat and I was thankful to find some decent news articles on my blackberry to help pass the time. Even the one possible saving grace, the fetching young blond, started irritating me since her mouth was agape every time she was on camera.
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Way too much Pig, not enough Guinie

By kcattell
Written July 27, 2009
This is one in which the best part of the movie was seen when you saw the trailers and teasers. The plot is slow and at times is nothing more than a poor rip off of a weak movie like the Transformers. The people one dimensional and the slap stick / jokes are just weak. I mean one scene is a even a poor imitation of scenes from Toy Story 1.... An OK movie to rent for the kids when it comes out, but not worth the price of even the popcorn. Go see Ice Age 3 again, must better choice.
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Five Word Review

By CigarPlayer
Written September 02, 2009
Great family movie cool see
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