Written June 17, 2008
I just attended the press screening for this adorable THRILLING family-friendly well-directed(Peter Segal)/well-scripted/well-made and well-acted entertaining FUN movie based on the TV series. WHEW!!! I was SURPRISED by Get Smart because I had high expectations for it - and they were met! Steve Carell charmingly competently portrayed Maxwell Smart/Agent 86 and Anne Hathaway was his perfect foil as Agent 99. Dwayne Johnson/The Rock nailed his part as Agent 23. Terence Stamp was menacing as the leader of KAOS. And James Caan was SO FUNNY as the President. Alan Arkin was even FUNNIER as Chief of CONTROL. Great supporting cast! The movie has SO MANY charming FUN FUNNY moments! The scene where Max danced with his exuberant enthusiastic partner in a duel against Agent 99 and her partner WAS A GEM! Underdogs ROCK!!! And yes, there are gadgets! This movie is GOOD FUN family-fare with a very broad appeal. Recommendation: You'd be SMART to go see it! GRADE: A-minus
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It couldn't get any Smarter:)

By TotallyMovies
Written April 13, 2008
Finally, this movie is coming out:) I was not one of the first, but the first one to view this film back in summer 2007 at Irvine Spectrum. What can I say? If you are a fan of this back in the day, black and white TV show which aired about the same time like the Twilight Zone, this is the movie for you. But say, the people who are born in 1980 and above, will not recognize this movie, but if you are a definite fan of Carell, Hathaway, the Rock, and/or the Oscar winner Alan Arkin, this movie is a two thumbs up no matter what age group you are in. Not giving away too much of the film's premise, this movie is like the "Naked Gun" Leslie Nielsen movie but without the corniness and slap-stick comedy.... this movie does have a meaningful plot. It should be a blockbuster but definitely, it won't win any Oscar Nominations, but well worth the premium movie ticket price:) So if you are in the mood for 007 wannabe James Bond action/comedy, this is a must see! I will see it again:)
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Funny, witty and entertaining

By hopesfury47
Written December 05, 2007
My girlfriend and I screened this movie and it was hillarious! The movie has a good pace and is very well cast. It was funny and not "too" over the top, watch it.
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Get Smart.. and see this movie!

By libbiesmom
Written June 16, 2008
My husband and I got to see a sneak preview of this movie yesterday. It was nice to see a comedy that wasn't based on "scoring" with chicks! Lots of updated nods to the show, but you will enjoy it even if you weren't a fan. I usualy rate a comedy by how many times my husband laughs out loud. He fell asleep in 40 year old Virgin, if that tells you anything. In Get Smart, I lost count and he actually snorted a few times. Better than any thumbs up for me! Great 1st date movie and nothing too objectionable for the kids over 8.
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laugh out loud funny!!!

By matrix3
Written June 20, 2008
THis movie was excellent. It had dumb humor but for the most part was fairly intellectual unlike zohan which was complete crap. Steve carrell and Anne Hatheway worked extremely well together and i hope they make another Get smart because this had me and my wife in tears we were laughing so hard. Definitely check this movie out its worth the money. Also for once they sorta stuck with the old TV show which was a nice change.
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