By Optimism
Written August 12, 2010
Yes. Robert Duvall gives THE performance of the decade in the slowly-unfolding yet mesmerizing, surprisingly beautifully-written movie, "Get Low". The film kinda' took our breath away! Acting and plot were superb. A.masterwork. We were enthralled. Thanks, Zanucks.
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Underappreciated Gem

By Mad movie guy
Written September 08, 2010
This movie is definitely one of the best this year, yet i doubt many will see it because it gets no hype or advertising. Nice cinematography, good story and excellent acting are its strong points. Great roles played by Robert Duval, Sissy Spacek, and Bill Murray, not to mention a great cast of others. The fact that it has no CGI, car chases, explosions, gratuitous sex, or naked women will ensure that kids and those who aren't interested in solid movie making will never see it. Such a shame because i was pleasantly surprised. If you do not fit into the above category but instead value a truly good film then check it out.
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Get Low

By msflickchick
Written August 31, 2010
I enjoyed this movie because of the exceptional acting abilities of its cast. Robert Duvall is wonderful in the lead role and Cissie Spacek is, as usual, a wonderful actor as well. The storyline was interesting and enjoyable. The cinematography is lovely and the explanation at the end of the story tied in what really happened when the house caught fire (at the begin- ning of the movie.) The character study was done very well. I really like period movies - and this was one that expressed itself quite well. I think that besides adults, high school and college students would appreciate it as well. The director of this film made very good use of the sets and designs where the action took place in terms of the period of the time.
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Very good acting, cinematography

By jknapp1005
Written August 15, 2010
I liked this movie, alot. Engaging characters, an interesting subplot, great acting, wonderful setting and great period music (30's) make for a very watchable event. The theater was sold out. I think most people were satisfied. I can't believe the average fan rating is "so-so". What movie did they watch?
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Spacek Does It Again. What an actor!

By lovefilmIDO
Written September 06, 2010
Pay attention from first second.The decisions in this film are spot on, from the cast, settings, music, coloring of the film, editing, directing.You just don't get this kind of perfection often on the big screen.It seems filmmakers have mostly forgotten about art, but here we see art in it's full perfection.Can't recommend this for those who need blood and guts, but certainly for anyone with a tuned love of filmmaking.It does not disappoint. Sissy Spacek is mesmerizing and she puts the film over the top.Bill Murray's part is a bit of a challenge for him, but he finishes it off very nicely.He really needed more screen time.Duval never disappoints in this one.He really "looks" like this recluse, so that wasn't an issue for him at all.His chance to have a role with real grit.His talents are put to full use, every moment. Lucas Black was just perfect for this role as the quiet, even shy husband and employee of BIll Murray.Bill Cobbs was perfect! Go See It!
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