Get Low Synopsis
A Tennessee hermit (Robert Duvall) orchestrates and presides over his own funeral party.
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By Optimism
Yes. Robert Duvall gives THE performance of the decade in the slowly-unfolding yet mesmerizing, surprisingly beautifully-written movie, "Get Low". The film kinda' took our breath away! Acting and...

Underappreciated Gem

By Mad movie guy
This movie is definitely one of the best this year, yet i doubt many will see it because it gets no hype or advertising. Nice cinematography, good story and excellent acting are its strong points....

Get Low

By msflickchick
I enjoyed this movie because of the exceptional acting abilities of its cast. Robert Duvall is wonderful in the lead role and Cissie Spacek is, as usual, a wonderful actor as well. The storyline was...

Very good acting, cinematography

By jknapp1005
I liked this movie, alot. Engaging characters, an interesting subplot, great acting, wonderful setting and great period music (30's) make for a very watchable event. The theater was sold out. I think...

Spacek Does It Again. What an actor!

By lovefilmIDO
Pay attention from first second.The decisions in this film are spot on, from the cast, settings, music, coloring of the film, editing, directing.You just don't get this kind of perfection often on...

Five Word Review

By pat the reviewer
beautifully crafted story of forgiveness...

Get Low Now

By offshore
An evocative, exquisitely drawn tale of conscience and true character. Pitch-perfect performances. A beautifully conceived and executed drama....

Get Low

By eweisler
A well spun story, intelligent and compelling. They give nothing away while drawing you into a deeper investment in the characters. Your guesses will change as the information is deliberately...

Quality start to finish!

By ArmoBuyerF
In a Summer of so-so, this movie stands out. Murray holds his own alongside Duvall and Spacek who are at the top of their games. A plot you follow carefully, in a beautifully shot, rich textured...

Redemption for All

By kellygirl59
I went in expecting a comedy, and although there were laughs, they were character-driven, not formulaic, in this period drama with an outstanding cast headed by Robert Duvall, probably the greatest...

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Rated PG-13 | For some thematic material and brief violent content
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Common Sense Media says Quiet character study is stellar but won't appeal to kids.
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