Get Him to the Greek Synopsis
An intern must bring an uncooperative rock star to Hollywood for a big concert.
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Depressing and sadistic

By juliepci
I'm not a prude - I don't mind some raunchy humor, I don't mind some bad language, and I understand naked women are put in most movies because of some union rule in Hollywood. This movie is a new...


By Pr0fessor
I had such high hopes for this movie. Trailers rocked! But this SNL sketch wannabe was too long, too stupid, and just not funny enough to warrant the $50 for ticket, parking, popcorn and soda. I...

bad movie

By scare_d_kat
I dunno know what was worse, the movie or the free "sex show" I had going on in front of me since I guess they though the movie was bad too....

Way passed what I expected

By redyeah
Coming in to this movie I expected vomit, tripping out, and a bunch of laughs. What I got was that and so much more. Who would have thought Russell Brand actually knew what he was doing? He makes...

Raunch prevents my opinion from being GO

By keatsgirl
Underneath,this is smart comedy. Why do they have to get so REPETITIVELY vulgar.We don't need it,and a depraved minority loves it. Especially Byrnes character!Great lesson if you can get past the...

Just Okay

By deftones916
I liked this movie for the most part. Funny and moves well at some points, Tedious and slow in other parts. I feel like too many of these "party" movies are getting a little soft around the edges....

Five Word Review

By bkgraves
Not Worth My Time Depressing...

Get Him to the Greek

By Debbie1968
The movie was absolutely hillarious. All of the actors were great. I laughed so hard I could barely catch my breath. This is a must see movie....

Get Him to the Greek

By moviegirlinpdx
Didn't find this movie too enticing, there were a few scenes that had me laughing pretty hard - Sean Combs was key to the movie, and I thought Russell Brand was cast well in his role as Aldous Snow. ...

Very funny

By egary
By the time this movie hit it's climax, my stomach hurt from laughing. Judging by the crowd we saw it with, everyone else felt the same. It really gets off the wall, go see it....

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Rated R | For strong sexual content, pervasive language and drug use throughout
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Common Sense Media says Original buddy comedy is full of drugs, sex, rock 'n' roll.
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