Gerald Perreau-Saissine
Date of Birth
Jan 01, 1938
Birth Place:
Tokyo, Japan

Worked With

Year Name Title
2000 Jean Marsh Monarch
1988 Bill Fraser Little Dorrit
1988 David F. Doyle Little Dorrit
1988 Joan Greenwood Little Dorrit
1988 David Thewlis Little Dorrit
1988 Alec Guinness Little Dorrit
1988 Derek Jacobi Little Dorrit
1988 Robert Morley Little Dorrit
1988 Miriam Margolyes Little Dorrit
1988 Cyril Cusack Little Dorrit
1988 Eleanor Bron Little Dorrit
1986 Michael Caine The Whistle Blower
1986 Gordon Jackson The Whistle Blower
1986 John Gielgud The Whistle Blower
1986 James Fox The Whistle Blower
1986 Barry Foster The Whistle Blower
1951 Alan Hale, Jr. At Sword's Point
1951 Robert Douglas At Sword's Point
1951 Henry Beckman At Sword's Point
1951 Blanche Yurka At Sword's Point
1951 William Smith At Sword's Point
1951 Philip Van Zandt At Sword's Point
1951 Cornel Wilde At Sword's Point
1951 Maureen O'Hara At Sword's Point
1951 Dan O'Herlihy At Sword's Point
1951 Lucien Littlefield At Sword's Point
1951 Gladys Cooper At Sword's Point
1951 Robert Taylor Quo Vadis?
1951 Sophia Loren Quo Vadis?
1951 Ralph Truman Quo Vadis?
1951 Deborah Kerr Quo Vadis?
1951 Peter Ustinov Quo Vadis?
1951 Leo Genn Quo Vadis?
1951 Buddy Baer Quo Vadis?
1951 Felix Aylmer Quo Vadis?
1951 Finlay Currie Quo Vadis?
1951 Adrienne Corri Quo Vadis?
1951 Walter Pidgeon Quo Vadis?
1950 Paul Fix California Passage
1950 Howard Negley California Passage
1950 Hal Taliaferro California Passage
1950 Iron Eyes Cody California Passage
1950 Teddy Infuhr California Passage
1950 Norman Leavitt California Passage
1950 Rory Mallinson California Passage
1950 Forrest Tucker California Passage
1950 Crane Whitley California Passage
1950 William H. Ruhl California Passage
1950 Rhys Williams California Passage
1950 Lola Albright The Good Humor Man
1950 David Sharpe The Good Humor Man
1950 Eddie Parker The Good Humor Man
1950 Jack Carson The Good Humor Man
1950 Richard Egan The Good Humor Man
1950 George Reeves The Good Humor Man
1950 Arthur Space The Good Humor Man
1950 Jean Wallace The Good Humor Man
1950 Roy Rogers Trigger, Jr.
1950 Gordon Jones Trigger, Jr.
1950 Dale Evans Trigger, Jr.
1950 Trigger the Horse Trigger, Jr.
1950 George Cleveland Trigger, Jr.
1950 Stanley Andrews Trigger, Jr.
1949 Beau Bridges The Red Pony
1949 Myrna Loy The Red Pony
1949 Louis Calhern The Red Pony
1949 Robert Mitchum The Red Pony
1949 Margaret Hamilton The Red Pony
1949 Max Wagner The Red Pony
1949 Hope Emerson Roseanna McCoy
1949 Marshall Thompson Roseanna McCoy
1949 Farley Granger Roseanna McCoy
1949 Dan White Roseanna McCoy
1949 Charles Bickford Roseanna McCoy
1949 Richard Basehart Roseanna McCoy
1949 Rory Mallinson Roseanna McCoy
1949 Aline MacMahon Roseanna McCoy
1949 Ethan Laidlaw Roseanna McCoy
1949 Chuck Hamilton Roseanna McCoy
1949 James Kirkwood Roseanna McCoy
1949 Raymond Massey Roseanna McCoy
1949 John Miller Roseanna McCoy
1949 John Beal Song of Surrender
1949 Wanda Hendrix Song of Surrender
1949 Claude Rains Song of Surrender
1949 Elizabeth Patterson Song of Surrender
1949 Eva Gabor Song of Surrender
1949 MacDonald Carey Song of Surrender
1949 Virginia Christine Special Agent
1949 William Eythe Special Agent
1949 George Reeves Special Agent
1948 Gaylord "Steve" Pendleton Enchantment
1948 David Niven Enchantment
1948 Farley Granger Enchantment
1948 Jayne Meadows Enchantment
1948 Leo G. Carroll Enchantment
1948 Melville Cooper Enchantment
1948 Evelyn Keyes Enchantment
1948 Henry Stephenson Enchantment
1948 Teresa Wright Enchantment
1948 Fred MacMurray Family Honeymoon
1948 Rita Johnson Family Honeymoon
1948 Herbert Heywood Family Honeymoon
1948 Harry "Snub" Pollard Family Honeymoon
1948 Lorin Raker Family Honeymoon
1948 Chill Wills Family Honeymoon
1948 Paul Harvey Family Honeymoon
1948 Jay Silverheels Family Honeymoon
1948 Minerva Urecal Family Honeymoon
1948 Claudette Colbert Family Honeymoon
1948 William Daniels Family Honeymoon
1948 Hattie McDaniel Family Honeymoon
1948 Joel Fluellen Family Honeymoon
1948 Grant Mitchell Who Killed Doc Robbin?
1948 George Zucco Who Killed Doc Robbin?
1948 Little Rascals Who Killed Doc Robbin?
1947 Robert Cummings Heaven Only Knows
1947 Brian Donlevy Heaven Only Knows
1947 Stuart Erwin Heaven Only Knows
1947 Lurene Tuttle Heaven Only Knows
1947 Marjorie Reynolds Heaven Only Knows
1947 Bill Goodwin Heaven Only Knows
1947 John Litel Heaven Only Knows
1947 Edgar Kennedy Heaven Only Knows
1947 Don McGuire Possessed
1947 Isabel Withers Possessed
1947 Stanley Ridges Possessed
1947 Max Wagner Possessed
1947 John Ridgely Possessed
1947 Van Heflin Possessed
1947 Raymond Massey Possessed
1947 Monte Blue Possessed
1947 Geraldine Brooks Possessed
1947 Frank Marlowe Possessed
1947 Creighton Hale Possessed
1947 Rory Mallinson Possessed
1947 Joan Crawford Possessed
1945 Merle Oberon This Love of Ours
1945 Ralph Morgan This Love of Ours
1945 Ann Codee This Love of Ours
1945 Claude Rains This Love of Ours
1945 Herbert Heywood This Love of Ours
1945 Charles Korvin This Love of Ours
1945 Nolan Leary This Love of Ours
1945 Barbara Bates This Love of Ours
1945 Dick Ryan This Love of Ours
1945 Joan Shawlee This Love of Ours
1945 Dave Willock This Love of Ours
1945 Georges Renavent This Love of Ours
1945 Joel Fluellen This Love of Ours
1945 Harry Davenport This Love of Ours
1945 Ian Wolfe This Love of Ours
1944 Alan Napier Dark Waters
1944 John Qualen Dark Waters
1944 Merle Oberon Dark Waters
1944 Elisha Cook, Jr. Dark Waters
1944 Franchot Tone Dark Waters
1944 Thomas Mitchell Dark Waters
1944 Fay Bainter Dark Waters
1944 Ruth Lee Hi, Beautiful
1944 Grady Sutton Hi, Beautiful
1944 Herbert Rawlinson Hi, Beautiful
1944 Noah Beery, Sr. Hi, Beautiful
1944 Dick Elliott Hi, Beautiful
1944 Walter Catlett Hi, Beautiful
1944 John Hamilton Hi, Beautiful
1944 Martha O'Driscoll Hi, Beautiful
1944 Tom Dugan Hi, Beautiful
1944 Forbes Murray Hi, Beautiful
1944 Hattie McDaniel Hi, Beautiful
1944 Sydney Greenstreet Passage to Marseille
1944 Monte Blue Passage to Marseille
1944 Helmut Dantine Passage to Marseille
1944 Mark Stevens Passage to Marseille
1944 Vladimir Sokoloff Passage to Marseille
1944 George Tobias Passage to Marseille
1944 Louis Mercier Passage to Marseille
1944 Claude Rains Passage to Marseille
1944 Michèle Morgan Passage to Marseille
1944 Hans Conried Passage to Marseille
1944 Peter Lorre Passage to Marseille
1944 Humphrey Bogart Passage to Marseille
1944 Eduardo Ciannelli Passage to Marseille
1944 Irene Ryan San Diego, I Love You
1944 Gene Roth San Diego, I Love You
1944 Edward Everett Horton San Diego, I Love You
1944 Teddy Infuhr San Diego, I Love You
1944 Louise Allbritton San Diego, I Love You
1944 George Meader San Diego, I Love You
1944 Clarence Muse San Diego, I Love You
1944 Jon Hall San Diego, I Love You
1944 Buster Keaton San Diego, I Love You
1944 Eric Blore San Diego, I Love You
1944 Vernon Dent San Diego, I Love You
1939 Roddy McDowall Just William
1939 Basil Radford Just William
1939 Jack Hawkins Murder Will Out
1939 Roddy McDowall Murder Will Out
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