By jessafrench
Written February 28, 2008
One of the best movies I have ever seen. I was so fortunate to see it on the big screen this week. If you ever get this opportunity, RUN to see this provocative, poetic, and life-affirming film. In any case, check out the Criterion Collection DVD. The film is amazing, and the disc is packed with cool special features. MUST GO!
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Great Movie

By CWBoy1911
Written March 01, 2008
It was a really well done movie for being a feature length debut. It was also very inspiring to hear the director talk about the film afterwards.
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George Washington

By elordan
Written February 29, 2008
This movie was a refreshing, surprisingly funny orignal story about a boy who comes into his own through an unexpected cir***stance. It was very well written and you could tell the actors weren't all seasoned pros, but they did a good job of making the story real. It was definitely a good experience overall and I liked that the film pretentious. Plus, I got to meet David after the showing, so that was really cool.
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George Washington, New American Gothic

By apolonia26
Written February 28, 2008
David Gordon Green's first feature is beautiful and painful, and unlike most of the movies you're likely to see even in an "indie" context. Several adolescent non-actors and a few "grown ups" (for example the extremely talented and nuanced Paul Schneider) lend a striking realism to a film that is more a series of interconnected vignettes than a typical Hollywood narrative, and together with Green and cinematographer Tim Orr, create a familiar yet alien America in a romantic style not dissimilar to Faullkner. This film is definitely worth seeing, and doubly worth seeing on the big screen for its beautiful and unusual landscapes of the decrepit and decaying south. I can't imagine what another filmmaker might have done with this material; in fact Green himself has said that almost every scene is "disposable," and Green has definitely followed his own vision and created something so poignant that, as one of the film's main characters says, it almost hurts to breathe.
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George Washinton

By mbharoocha
Written March 02, 2008
It is an amazing movie. It was great to see it on the big screen. Very moving.
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