George Walsh
Date of Birth
Jan 01, 1892
Birth Place:
New York City, NY

Worked With

Year Name Title
1936 Harold Huber Klondike Annie
1936 Jack Mulhall Klondike Annie
1936 Victor McLaglen Klondike Annie
1936 Huntly Gordon Klondike Annie
1936 Mae West Klondike Annie
1936 Helen Jerome Eddy Klondike Annie
1936 Al St. John Pinto Rustlers
1936 Tom Tyler Pinto Rustlers
1936 Sherry Tansey Pinto Rustlers
1936 Milburn Morante Pinto Rustlers
1936 Murdock MacQuarrie Pinto Rustlers
1936 George Cleveland Put on the Spot
1936 Fuzzy Knight Put on the Spot
1936 Fuzzy Knight Rio Grande Romance
1936 George Cleveland Rio Grande Romance
1935 Richard Talmadge Live Wire
1935 Edmund Lowe Under Pressure
1935 Charles Bickford Under Pressure
1935 Victor McLaglen Under Pressure
1935 Florence Rice Under Pressure
1935 Sig Rumann Under Pressure
1934 Fuzzy Knight Belle of the Nineties
1934 Walter Walker Belle of the Nineties
1934 Sam McDaniel Belle of the Nineties
1934 Mike Mazurki Belle of the Nineties
1934 Mae West Belle of the Nineties
1934 Johnny Mack Brown Belle of the Nineties
1934 James Pierce Belle of the Nineties
1934 Hal Price Cleopatra
1934 Robert Warwick Cleopatra
1934 Henry Wilcoxon Cleopatra
1934 Warren William Cleopatra
1934 C. Aubrey Smith Cleopatra
1934 John Carradine Cleopatra
1934 William Farnum Cleopatra
1934 Claudette Colbert Cleopatra
1934 Joseph Schildkraut Cleopatra
1934 Jack Mulhall Cleopatra
1934 Edgar Dearing Cleopatra
1933 Esther Ralston Black Beauty
1933 Harold Huber The Bowery
1933 Charles B. Middleton The Bowery
1933 John Ince The Bowery
1933 Kit Guard The Bowery
1933 Lucille Ball The Bowery
1933 Wallace Beery The Bowery
1933 Jackie Cooper The Bowery
1933 Herman Bing The Bowery
1933 Frank Mills The Bowery
1933 Phil Tead The Bowery
1933 Fay Wray The Bowery
1933 John Kelly The Bowery
1933 Harry Semels The Bowery
1933 Ferdinand Munier The Bowery
1933 Hal Price The Bowery
1933 George Raft The Bowery
1932 John Farrell MacDonald Me and My Gal
1932 Phil Tead Me and My Gal
1932 Russell Powell Me and My Gal
1932 Adrian Morris Me and My Gal
1932 Joan Bennett Me and My Gal
1932 Billy Bevan Me and My Gal
1932 Henry B. Walthall Me and My Gal
1932 Spencer Tracy Me and My Gal
1932 Fred "Snowflake" Toones Out of Singapore
1932 Noah Beery, Sr. Out of Singapore
1932 Dorothy Burgess Out of Singapore
1932 Montagu Love Out of Singapore
1932 Ethan Laidlaw Out of Singapore
1926 Leila Hyams The Kick-Off
1926 Brian Donlevy Man of Quality
1926 Tyrone Power, Sr. The Test of Donald Norton
1925 Wanda Hawley American Pluck
1923 Hedda Hopper Reno
1923 Irene Rich Rosita
1923 Charles Farrell Rosita
1923 Mary Pickford Rosita
1923 June Mathis Souls for Sale
1923 Florence Vidor Souls for Sale
1923 Johnny Walker Souls for Sale
1923 Raymond Griffith Souls for Sale
1923 John St. Polis Souls for Sale
1923 Milton Sills Souls for Sale
1923 Erich Von Stroheim Souls for Sale
1923 Marshall Neilan Souls for Sale
1923 Fred Niblo Souls for Sale
1923 King Vidor Souls for Sale
1923 Kathlyn Williams Souls for Sale
1923 Claire Windsor Souls for Sale
1923 Blanche Sweet Souls for Sale
1923 Jack Richardson Souls for Sale
1923 Elliott Dexter Souls for Sale
1923 Richard Dix Souls for Sale
1923 Charles Chaplin Souls for Sale
1923 Bessie Love Souls for Sale
1923 Patsy Ruth Miller Souls for Sale
1923 Anna Q. Nilsson Souls for Sale
1923 ZaSu Pitts Souls for Sale
1923 Hobart Bosworth Souls for Sale
1923 Eleanor Boardman Souls for Sale
1923 William Haines Souls for Sale
1923 Mae Busch Souls for Sale
1923 Harrison Ford Vanity Fair
1923 Willard Louis Vanity Fair
1923 Eleanor Boardman Vanity Fair
1923 Hobart Bosworth Vanity Fair
1921 Billy Gilbert Dynamite Allen
1921 Miriam Cooper Serenade
1921 Josef Swickard Serenade
1920 Louis Wolheim Number 17
1918 May McAvoy I'll Say So
1918 Harold Lloyd On the Jump
1917 Milton Sills The Honor System
1917 Miriam Cooper The Honor System
1916 Theda Bara Gold and the Woman
1916 Monte Blue Intolerance
1916 Lillian Gish Intolerance
1916 Robert Harron Intolerance
1916 Miriam Cooper Intolerance
1916 Tully Marshall Intolerance
1916 Bessie Love Intolerance
1916 Eugene Pallette Intolerance
1916 Mae Marsh Intolerance
1916 Carl Stockdale Intolerance
1916 Tod Browning Intolerance
1916 Constance Talmadge Intolerance
1916 George Siegmann Intolerance
1916 Wallace Reid Intolerance
1916 W.S. Van Dyke Intolerance
1916 Erich Von Stroheim Intolerance
1916 Seena Owen Intolerance
1916 Donald Crisp Intolerance
1916 Theda Bara The Serpent
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