George MacQuarrie

Worked With

Year Name Title
1951 Harvey Lembeck Fourteen Hours
1951 Agnes Moorehead Fourteen Hours
1951 Robert Keith Fourteen Hours
1951 Grace Kelly Fourteen Hours
1951 Joyce Van Patten Fourteen Hours
1951 Ossie Davis Fourteen Hours
1951 Forbes Murray Fourteen Hours
1951 Debra Paget Fourteen Hours
1951 Brian Keith Fourteen Hours
1951 Jeff Corey Fourteen Hours
1951 Howard Da Silva Fourteen Hours
1951 Richard Basehart Fourteen Hours
1951 Barbara Bel Geddes Fourteen Hours
1951 Frank Faylen Fourteen Hours
1951 Jeffrey Hunter Fourteen Hours
1951 Jane Darwell Fourteen Hours
1951 Paul Douglas Fourteen Hours
1943 Thurston Hall This Land Is Mine
1943 Maureen O'Hara This Land Is Mine
1943 Una O'Connor This Land Is Mine
1943 John Banner This Land Is Mine
1943 George Coulouris This Land Is Mine
1943 Ludwig Donath This Land Is Mine
1943 Henry Roquemore This Land Is Mine
1943 Cecil Weston This Land Is Mine
1943 Charles Laughton This Land Is Mine
1943 George Sorel This Land Is Mine
1943 Walter Slezak This Land Is Mine
1943 George Sanders This Land Is Mine
1939 Reginald Owen Hotel Imperial
1939 J. Carrol Naish Hotel Imperial
1939 George Magrill Hotel Imperial
1939 Robert Middlemass Hotel Imperial
1939 Lee Shumway Hotel Imperial
1939 Ray Milland Hotel Imperial
1939 Isa Miranda Hotel Imperial
1939 Gustav von Seyffertitz Hotel Imperial
1939 Davison Clark Hotel Imperial
1939 Betty Compson Hotel Imperial
1939 Stanley Andrews Hotel Imperial
1939 Albert Dekker Hotel Imperial
1939 Gene Lockhart Hotel Imperial
1939 Ethan Laidlaw Hotel Imperial
1939 Richard Quine Life Returns
1939 George Breakston Life Returns
1939 Lois Wilson Life Returns
1939 Stanley Fields Life Returns
1939 Valerie Hobson Life Returns
1938 Lew Kelly Lawless Valley
1938 Bob McKenzie Lawless Valley
1938 Kirby Grant Lawless Valley
1938 Dot Farley Lawless Valley
1938 Chill Wills Lawless Valley
1938 Carl Stockdale Lawless Valley
1938 George O'Brien Lawless Valley
1938 Walter Miller Lawless Valley
1937 Granville Bates The Plainsman
1937 Charles Bickford The Plainsman
1937 Jean Arthur The Plainsman
1937 Gary Cooper The Plainsman
1937 George Cleveland The Plainsman
1937 Dennis O'Keefe The Plainsman
1937 Hank Worden The Plainsman
1937 Anthony Quinn The Plainsman
1937 Victor Varconi The Plainsman
1937 Purnell Pratt The Plainsman
1937 George "Gabby" Hayes The Plainsman
1937 Fuzzy Knight The Plainsman
1937 Paul Harvey The Plainsman
1937 Franklin Farnum The Plainsman
1937 Porter Hall The Plainsman
1937 James Ellison The Plainsman
1937 Davison Clark The Plainsman
1937 Edgar Dearing The Plainsman
1937 Fred Kohler The Plainsman
1937 Wilbur Mack The Plainsman
1936 George O'Brien The Border Patrolman
1936 Smiley Burnette The Border Patrolman
1936 Al Hill The Border Patrolman
1936 Cyril Ring The Border Patrolman
1936 John St. Polis The Border Patrolman
1936 Marlene Dietrich Desire
1936 Armand Kaliz Desire
1936 John Halliday Desire
1936 William Frawley Desire
1936 Akim Tamiroff Desire
1936 Marc Lawrence Desire
1936 Alan Mowbray Desire
1936 Gary Cooper Desire
1936 Stanley Andrews Desire
1935 Jack Oakie The Call of the Wild
1935 Reginald Owen The Call of the Wild
1935 Bob Perry The Call of the Wild
1935 Russell Powell The Call of the Wild
1935 Sidney Toler The Call of the Wild
1935 Herman Bing The Call of the Wild
1935 Loretta Young The Call of the Wild
1935 Clark Gable The Call of the Wild
1935 Frank Conroy The Call of the Wild
1935 J. Carrol Naish The Crusades
1935 Joseph Schildkraut The Crusades
1935 Loretta Young The Crusades
1935 Henry Wilcoxon The Crusades
1935 C. Aubrey Smith The Crusades
1935 Colin Tapley The Crusades
1935 Josef Swickard The Crusades
1935 Ann Sheridan The Crusades
1935 Edgar Dearing The Crusades
1935 Emma Dunn The Crusades
1935 Montagu Love The Crusades
1935 William Farnum The Crusades
1935 Alan Hale The Crusades
1935 Mischa Auer The Crusades
1935 Boyd Irwin The Crusades
1935 Stanley Andrews The Crusades
1935 Hobart Bosworth The Crusades
1935 George Barbier The Crusades
1935 Dean Jagger Wings in the Dark
1935 Henry Roquemore Wings in the Dark
1935 Roscoe Karns Wings in the Dark
1935 Duke York Wings in the Dark
1935 Cary Grant Wings in the Dark
1935 Stanley Andrews Wings in the Dark
1935 Gene Morgan Wings in the Dark
1935 Ottola Nesmith Wings in the Dark
1935 George H. Reed Wings in the Dark
1935 Myrna Loy Wings in the Dark
1935 Phil Tead Wings in the Dark
1934 Herman Bing The Cat's Paw
1934 George Barbier The Cat's Paw
1934 George Bancroft The Cat's Paw
1934 John Ince The Cat's Paw
1934 Grant Mitchell The Cat's Paw
1934 Louis Natheaux The Cat's Paw
1934 Fuzzy Knight The Cat's Paw
1934 Una Merkel The Cat's Paw
1934 Frank LaRue The Cat's Paw
1934 Kit Guard The Cat's Paw
1934 George Magrill The Cat's Paw
1934 John Farrell MacDonald The Cat's Paw
1934 Frances Morris The Cat's Paw
1934 Charles Sellon The Cat's Paw
1934 Dewey Robinson The Cat's Paw
1934 Larry Steers The Cat's Paw
1934 Tom Dugan The Cat's Paw
1934 Pat Somerset The Cat's Paw
1934 Harold Lloyd The Cat's Paw
1934 Phil Tead The Cat's Paw
1934 Paul Panzer The Cat's Paw
1934 Nat Pendleton The Cat's Paw
1934 Ian Wolfe The Mighty Barnum
1934 Frank Morgan The Mighty Barnum
1934 Herman Bing The Mighty Barnum
1934 Rochelle Hudson The Mighty Barnum
1934 Greta Meyer The Mighty Barnum
1934 Adolphe Menjou The Mighty Barnum
1934 Wallace Beery The Mighty Barnum
1934 Davison Clark The Mighty Barnum
1934 Virginia Bruce The Mighty Barnum
1934 George Irving You're Telling Me
1934 Bob McKenzie You're Telling Me
1934 James C. Morton You're Telling Me
1934 Josephine Whittell You're Telling Me
1934 Frank O'Connor You're Telling Me
1934 W.C. Fields You're Telling Me
1934 Edward J. Le Saint You're Telling Me
1934 Larry "Buster" Crabbe You're Telling Me
1934 Vernon Dent You're Telling Me
1933 Maurice Chevalier A Bedtime Story
1933 Henry Kolker A Bedtime Story
1933 Edward Everett Horton A Bedtime Story
1933 Helen Twelvetrees A Bedtime Story
1933 Paul Panzer A Bedtime Story
1933 Louis Calhern Duck Soup
1933 Margaret Dumont Duck Soup
1933 Davison Clark Duck Soup
1933 Harpo Marx Duck Soup
1933 Marx Brothers Duck Soup
1933 Chico Marx Duck Soup
1933 Charles B. Middleton Duck Soup
1933 Edgar Kennedy Duck Soup
1933 Leonid Kinskey Duck Soup
1933 Groucho Marx Duck Soup
1933 Ernest B. Schoedsack King Kong
1933 Russell Powell King Kong
1933 Frank Mills King Kong
1933 Fay Wray King Kong
1933 Charles Sullivan King Kong
1933 Merian C. Cooper King Kong
1933 Gil Perkins King Kong
1933 Dick Curtis King Kong
1933 James Flavin King Kong
1933 Etta McDaniel King Kong
1933 Ethan Laidlaw King Kong
1933 Bruce Cabot King Kong
1933 Sam Hardy King Kong
1933 Roscoe Ates King Kong
1933 Robert Armstrong King Kong
1930 Henry Kolker Abraham Lincoln
1930 Una Merkel Abraham Lincoln
1930 Walter Huston Abraham Lincoln
1930 Edgar Dearing Abraham Lincoln
1930 Henry B. Walthall Abraham Lincoln
1930 Carl Stockdale Abraham Lincoln
1930 Hobart Bosworth Abraham Lincoln
1929 Edward G. Robinson The Hole in the Wall
1929 David Newell The Hole in the Wall
1929 Donald Meek The Hole in the Wall
1929 Claudette Colbert The Hole in the Wall
1924 C. Aubrey Smith The Rejected Woman
1924 Bela Lugosi The Rejected Woman
1924 Conrad Nagel The Rejected Woman
1924 Wyndham Standing The Rejected Woman
1923 Frank S. Hagney Backbone
1923 Raymond Hatton Half A Dollar Bill
1923 Anna Q. Nilsson Half A Dollar Bill
1923 Frankie Darro Half A Dollar Bill
1923 Lon Chaney The Hunchback of Notre Dame
1923 Ernest Torrence The Hunchback of Notre Dame
1923 Tully Marshall The Hunchback of Notre Dame
1923 Raymond Hatton The Hunchback of Notre Dame
1923 Norman Kerry The Hunchback of Notre Dame
1923 Patsy Ruth Miller The Hunchback of Notre Dame
1921 Thomas Meighan City of Silent Men
1921 Lois Wilson City of Silent Men
1921 Guy Oliver City of Silent Men
1921 Creighton Hale Women Who Wait
1920 Richard Barthelmess The Idol Dancer
1920 Thomas Carr The Idol Dancer
1920 Creighton Hale The Idol Dancer
1920 Carol Dempster The Love Flower
1920 Richard Barthelmess The Love Flower
1919 Warner Oland Mandarin's Gold
1919 Irving Cummings Mandarin's Gold
1918 Montagu Love The Cabaret
1917 Madge Evans The Adventures of Carol
1917 Alice Brady Betsy Ross
1917 Alice Brady Hungry Heart
1917 Alice Brady A Maid of Belgium
1916 Robert Warwick All Man
1916 Johnny Hines All Man
1916 Theda Bara The Eternal Sappho
1916 Warner Oland The Eternal Sappho
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