diary of the bored

By Ern
Written March 15, 2008
I have a love/hate relationship with zombie movies. I love to see them, but I hate zobmies. This movie was extremely painful to watch. Usually in a horror movie there is at least one character you would like to live throughout the entire movie. I spent the movie wishing for ALL the characters to die. There was no character develpoment and the dialouge was TERRIBLE. However, beyond all that the zombies were wrong. They moved quickly, they were a little smart. One was smart enough to move back a curtain before walking into the room. And one jumped on someone. ZOMBIES DO NOT JUMP! Also as far a I knew zombies are pretty strong.. not these zombies. These zombies were smart but weak. By far the worst "of the Dead" movie I have seen. This wasn't a George A. Romero movie, at least it wasn't to his standard. Don't bother seeing this movie, just stay home and rent "Dawn of the Dead" that was funny and smart oh and the zombies were done correctly.
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Everyone involved should be imprisoned!

By roadnate
Written February 25, 2008
Let me start by saying that I am a huge Romero fan. I like EVERYTHING the man has made...except this dreadful waste of film. This move wasn't just bad, it was among the worst movies that I have ever seen. The story goes nowhere, like they wrote it as they were filming. The acting is horrible. I know that when you read "horrible" you may be thinking "really bad" or "very unpleasant", but watching those people act is closer to finding out that you have a brain parasite or that you just ran over you sister with the car. The only good acting in the entire movie was the performance by the Amish farmer...and he was deaf so he had no lines! My wife isn't as much of a Romero fan and only tolerates my love of zombie films because she loves me so damn much. How she sat through the entire thing is entirely beyond me. I was trying so hard to like it but she has the patience of a god. All copies of the movie should be buried and the ground salted so that nothing will ever grow.
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A classic Romero executed exceptionally

By Asyrith
Written February 24, 2008
If you are a Romero fan, you will not be disappointed. You can't go expecting a new, revolutionary spin on things, because that's not what you'll get. You will get a great film, especially for the genre. It is everything you would expect from Romero and more. Romero takes us back to the feel of Night of the Living Dead. The gore is terrifically done. It's beautiful and creative in the way it's presented. The acting has moments of total unbelievability, but does get better as the movie progresses. You also will have to suspend your disbelief a few times. Why does a random group of film students have a handgun with a seemingly unending supply of ammo? I'm sure you will find numerous things, but that's not the point of this film. Nor is the point to give you cheap scares. In true Romero fashion, the film makes you think more than scream. You will not be disappointed by the film style. It was very well done. If you love Romero with a small side of cheese, then this movie is a must see.
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I wish Land was the end of the dead series

By Jazzy135
Written March 26, 2008
Good old George, always mad about something. Usually it produces a good movie, but not this time. Looking at it strictly as a zombie movie, there are a few good gore scenes, but they're few and far between. This time, the zombies take more of a back seat to their human counterparts. Unfortunately, the characters are so uninteresting, they might as well be zombies themselves. The only one I found interesting and able to relate to was the drunk, British professor. This is funny, since I'm neither British nor drunk. I know the commentary present on the evils of Youtube, Myspace, etc, that's trying to be conveyed. Compared with the other dead films though, where the political subtext was present in the background, here it's force fed to you with a narrator almost literally saying, "You can't trust the mainstream media, but you can't trust the ****they put on Youtube either, ahhhh!" See Cloverfield if you want to see a handheld-style movie.
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diary of the dead!

By katiejo
Written February 21, 2008
it was an awesome movie i like how it was from the eyes of the people who where really in the midts of it all. it did make me motion sick but so did cloverfield and i saw that twice! if its a good movie its worth it and it was worth it for this one !
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