Science Fiction at its finest

By Donillini
Written March 25, 2015
This movie is one of the few more subtle and realistic types of science fiction out there. It is chilling because it seems so real due to the mostly lack of "future gadgets", but instead goes for a stylized future where everybody is beautiful and architecture is inspired by Wright. One of the visually beautiful movie I have ever seen!
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So Wrong in So Many Ways

By markcgreer
Written April 21, 2015
A main character whose personal dreams are more important than the hood of society? A man who lies every working hour of his life? 2 men who aid his deception for free with the hope of making 25% of his salary IF everything goes right? So many flaws... A detective announces his presence to a room full of accomplished people and everyone starts running? So unrealistic. Constant body samples yay...
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