Gary Stretch

Worked With

Year Name Title
2012 Salma Hayek Savages
2012 John Travolta Savages
2012 Benicio Del Toro Savages
2010 Robert Picardo Mega Shark Vs. Crocosaurus
2009 Jean Marsh The Heavy
2009 Christopher Lee The Heavy
2009 Stephen Rea The Heavy
2007 Lance Henriksen Black Ops
2007 James Russo Black Ops
2006 Michael Madsen Afghan Knights
2005 John Rhys-Davies The King Maker
2004 Brian Blessed Alexander
2004 Jonathan Rhys-Meyers Alexander
2004 Anthony Hopkins Alexander
2004 Colin Farrell Alexander
2004 Christopher Plummer Alexander
2004 Angelina Jolie Alexander
2004 Val Kilmer Alexander
2003 Ally Sheedy A Good Night to Die
2003 Ralph Macchio A Good Night to Die
2003 Michael Rapaport A Good Night to Die
2003 Frank Whaley A Good Night to Die
2003 Seymour Cassel A Good Night to Die
1996 Jeroen Krabbé Business for Pleasure
1994 Parker Posey Final Combination
1994 Michael Madsen Final Combination
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