By Peter Debruge
Garden State gets it. Not since "The Graduate" has a movie nailed the beautiful terror of standing on the brink of adulthood with such satisfying precision.
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The Hollywood Reporter

Writer/director Zach Braff has threaded a powerful and intelligent personal story through a genre all too rare today – romantic comedy.
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Rolling Stone

By Peter Travers
It's a hilarious and heartfelt ode to twentysomething angst. Braff has himself a winner.
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New York Daily News

By Jami Bernard
Sometimes veers off into preciosity. But it offers something rare in the bond between Andrew and Sam.
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Philadelphia Inquirer

By Carrie Rickey
The best performances are those of Portman and the resourceful Peter Sarsgaard (Shattered Glass) as Mark.
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Entertainment Weekly

By Lisa Schwarzbaum
Certainly Garden State is a very American specimen of debut indie form, its loose, goof-about scenes of comic melancholy reinforced with the glue of quirkiness over cracks in the narrative development.
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USA Today

By Claudia Puig
Though unlikely to have the lasting quality of "The Graduate," it feels a bit like that seminal film for today's generation.
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Boston Globe

By Wesley Morris
A standard issue, first-movie navel-gaze whose cobwebs Braff meticulously sweeps away by directing the bejesus out of it. The photography makes loveliness out of the film's dank, hung-over atmosphere; the camerawork and editing lend the movie a luscious daydreaminess.
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San Francisco Chronicle

By Mick LaSalle
What the movie lacks -- a big lack, not a fatal lack -- is a compelling character at its center. Everyone in Garden State is fun, skewed, strange and singular.
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Wall Street Journal

By Joe Morgenstern
Mr. Braff's idea of self-discovery is my idea of narcissism.
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