Quite Enjoyable

By Yahve
Written January 21, 2011
For a live action interpretation, it's not bad at all. They got the look and feel of gantz rather well. I hope they polish up the soundtrack a notch in order to make it a better movie. Overall, it was better than I thought it was going to be. Understand it is not a megabudget hollywood blockbuster and you can appreciate how much they managed on a smaller budget. It's leagues above your made for DVD lot. Money well spent.
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By lin_xiao_ai
Written January 22, 2011
The movie was amazing! Sure they changed some things, but for me I was able to over look it because of how well Kenichi Matsuyama, Kazunari Ninomiya, Hongo Katana and all the other actors played their parts. I think if they would have cast other actors in this movie it wouldn't have been this good. This movie is definitely worth the money.
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Awesome action and a charming lead actor.

By val1751
Written January 22, 2011
Gantz felt much shorter than its runtime, what with its myriad of cool action scenes and the storyline which chugs along nicely. The fight scenes are violently bad*** and innovative. The main actors were all likable, especially the lead, Kazunari Ninomiya, whose expressions and body language seemed to cross any language barrier. He was funny, charming, and convincing as an action star. The only thing which would have made me like the movie more is if it had been subtitled instead of dubbed. Going in I thought reluctantly that it might be a good idea to have it dubbed since it's fast-paced but afterward I am sure that the benefits of dubbing would have been far outweighed by the benefits of hearing the actual voices, especially given that hearing the dialogue in incongruous, ill-fitting voices frequently had the audience laughing, and not in a good way. Everything else was wonderful and I'm so glad I traveled so I could see it in theaters. Gantz is bad***!
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By deannajean
Written January 22, 2011
This movie was awesome. The acting was amazing, the plot was really really good, and better than I expected it to be. The graphics were great. Some of the scenes really blew me away and were just... GANTZ WAS SO COOL. Ninomiya's acting was superb. My only real complaint about this movie was it was overdubbed in English, and the dub-acting was no good at all. American voice actors cannot grasp the complexities of Japanese acting in a movie like this. I would much much MUCH rather this movie had been in the original Japanese with subtitles. But the movie was SO good that that was almost an afterthought, and the interview at the end? THAT WAS ONE OF THE BEST PARTS. Really, I cannot wait for part 2. More of this please. Lots more.
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missing some of the punch, but still great

By Charlos Donaldsono
Written January 22, 2011
Well, you knew that they would take out some of the more gratuitous and hardcore violence and sex, but I was surprised at just HOW much. They even cut the DOG! But, aside from that, the movie was pretty faithful to the story and visuals of the GANTZ world. I wish the movie had been a SUB instead of a DUB, but that also was overlooked pretty quickly once the movie started to pick up steam. A lot of the violence was traded for humor, which seems out-of-place in the beginning. In fact, it only goes for more laughs as the movie progresses. Granted, some of the "aliens" in GANTZ are pretty funny. Still, for an R-Rated release, they could have gone a bit more gonzo than they did. Surprisingly cautious, but faithful and entertaining. And there is already a sequel finished, or so I am told.
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