By MovieMeister66
Written September 16, 2014
I don't see what the Critic's are thinking. I found the movie entertaining, full of shootouts and action, plus Sean Penn really nailed being a bad guy (and I don't generally like him as an actor). I say Go.
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Noir? Action? Graphic?

By PG1993
Written September 19, 2014
I still didn't get it. Lots of recalling of famous movies, but characters with little or no depth. Dialogue ridiculous at time? (Emma Stone at the bar with Ryan Gosling one, for example, Really??)
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Stylish, Shoot 'em Up Movie

By yippie70
Written January 13, 2013
An entertaining movie if you enjoy action films with a lot of violence. The sets and costumes recreate LA in the late 40s very well. The special effects are designed to enhance the violent scenes and do the job. Sean Penn always gives a good performance, but the script doesn't require deep acting from the cast, the story is pretty weak and predictable as written. Penn gets to rant and rage, Brolin is good for outrage and bombast, Goslin for cool... Remembering this is a movie, the writer and director have distorted and/or omitted key facts and details of what really happened between Cohen and the LA cops for dramatic effect...but it doesn't really matter...this film is very much a soufflé..
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Gangster squad

By dkr772003
Written July 24, 2014
Decent film. The movie was supposedly based on real life events and I have no idea how accurate it was. Acting was good, for the most part. It was a bit over the top in many fight scenes and of course the industry made sure certain racial groups were represented in a favorable light.
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By Salamanderz
Written January 11, 2013
This movie was a gangster film gone wrong from start to finish. There was no set up to Cohen's life and his running of LA nor Brolin's character, both of which would have been vital to the development of the plot. The dialogue is a miix of cheesy fifties slang and intelligible screaming matches that make no sense. There is absolutely no way to follow the sequence of events in this film. I have fairly extensive knowledge of Mickey Cohen and his crime life and I could not keep up at all. The directing was horribly done, from the camera angles to the ridiculous machine gun violence (which overcompensated for lack of substance) and the writing gave the actors no room to succeed. I'm was extremely disappointed in this movie because it had all the potential with great actors and a riveting gangster story line that is unique from those before it, but the result was abysmal. I shudder to think what made Sean Penn, a respectable actor and director think that this should be in his filmography.
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