Stylish, Shoot 'em Up Movie

By yippie70
Written January 31, 2015
An entertaining movie if you enjoy action films with a lot of violence. The sets and costumes recreate LA in the late 40s very well. The special effects are designed to enhance the violent scenes and do the job. Sean Penn always gives a good performance, but the script doesn't require deep acting from the cast, the story is pretty weak and predictable as written. Penn gets to rant and rage, Brolin is good for outrage and bombast, Goslin for cool... Remembering this is a movie, the writer and director have distorted and/or omitted key facts and details of what really happened between Cohen and the LA cops for dramatic effect...but it doesn't really matter...this film is very much a soufflé..
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By Joanna7
Written June 28, 2013
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very entertaining

By mooVsR4me
Written September 18, 2014
Wow! What an entertaining flick. It claims to be based on a true story. I wonder how much is fact and how much is Hollywood. If the part about the undercover gangster squad's tatics is true: WOW! If only TODAY'S COPS could fight (literally) crime that way we'd have a whole lot less gangs!
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Gangster Squad

By lockeryvictoria
Written January 29, 2015
My kind of movie: hot guys and lots of action!!! Even my husband enjoyed it, even though he always tries to dislike any movie w/ Ryan Goshling in it! All the actors did a great job, and it was interesting to watch Ryan Goshling act beside the actor from My Two Dads b/c they always reminded me of each other. Story line kept it interesting and made it not feel like an almost two hour movie. I recommend it!!
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Empty headed fun

By jhs39
Written December 28, 2014
Gangster Squad is stylish and action packed, sort of what you get if you cross the plot of The Untouchables with the stylization of The Cotton Club and then bring the whole thing down to the level of a comic book. James Ellroy this isn't, but the movie is good fun as long as you don't expect much more than ultra-stylish action performed by snazzily attired actors.
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