a fun time

By JShipp6
Written October 01, 2014
Good film, basic plot, if your expecting a Godfather type Mobster film this isn't it. Great performances from the cast, I mean Sean Penn's in it you know what can you expect from him. Their is mainly fiction and not really any truth to the story of the real gangster squad or Mickey Cohen but its a good little action film and was worth my 12 dollars.
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very entertaining

By mooVsR4me
Written March 02, 2015
Wow! What an entertaining flick. It claims to be based on a true story. I wonder how much is fact and how much is Hollywood. If the part about the undercover gangster squad's tatics is true: WOW! If only TODAY'S COPS could fight (literally) crime that way we'd have a whole lot less gangs!
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Gangster Squad

By john leland
Written January 28, 2015
Pointless violence and gore, and no real heart in the story. More like a cartoon. Sean Penn was ridicolous in his role of the villain, Mickey Coen. Too much shooting, and way too much gore. No empathy with any of the characters. I should ask for a refund. Thanks for checking, but this is a bomb!!!! John Leland'
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Boom Boom!!!

By pj2smith
Written January 19, 2013
This was definitely a great movie to watch!! The critics have NO clue on what they are talking about with these bad ratings. It was a great and enjoyable film. One thing I always ask myself when leaving the movie theater is "would I watch this again" and "would I buy this on Blu Ray/DVD." The answer to my own question for this movie is YES!! I absolutely see myself buying this movie and watching it again. Not a film for the whole family, but definitely a film you don't want to miss.
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Old school gangster

By Pauly Walnuts
Written June 30, 2015
I really enjoyed this flick. Good to see Sean Penn doing his thing. Those 5 guys had a lot of balls to take on the entire Mickey Cohen outfit. The ending was good...was waiting for a twist that never happened and it was little predictable but it was fun to watch it play out. The fashion of this time period piece was so cool...what a great time to be young and alive.
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