Worst Movie I Have Seen In My Lifetime

By European MovieFan
Written September 06, 2009
I have seen hundreds of movies past 4 decades .This movie was the worst !!!!. I left the movie theater after watching this movie only 10 minutes, and I was not the only one.. It looks that the movie industry is totally underestimating the intelligence of the audience. Money totally wasted . I was not entertained , I was tortured.
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wish it took it to the next level

By meccassault
Written September 19, 2009
this movie had a lot of potential but wasn't everything it could've been....it was definitely worth seeing and in theaters too.. Strong points: Lead Role Gerard Butler was made to do action flicks... 300 was evidence enough, and gamer just reinforces it... He is a bad mofo. And to those that said they all had fake airbrushed physiques... well i doubt they did that in gamer and homeboy was still in top notch shape. I hope he continues action roles.. Storyline Although often compared to and somewhat similar to death race it also had its own twist...honestly the only thing that was similar was the fight to be set free that is it...how it was gone about and played throughout was a lot different. Weak Points Lead Role Butler shouldve been challenged more with more action fighting sequences, but the once that were there are awesome...not his fault. Also had some cheezy parts that kept it from being as serious as it couldve been... I think its worth seeing though overall.
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By jbnc143
Written September 21, 2009
wait for dvd
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Wow, simply amazing.

By Privyet
Written September 12, 2009
You people don't get it, do you? This was a great movie! "But kids see it!" DON'T F**KING TAKE THEM. It's rated R for a reason, and they say there is some nudity for a reason. In any case, this was a great movie. It had a very deep storyline, and the special effects are great. Gerard Butler did a great job at portraying a bad*** ***-kicker, and did great at showing loneliness and desperation to return to his family. As for Michael C. Hall? Truly amazing. The star of Dexter returns early this year as a slightly-southern, multi-billion dollar, innovating entrepreneur. His whimsical nature in Gamer is vastly different from his withdrawn, quiet nature in Dexter. Were there boobs? Yes, but they told you that beforehand, didn't they? Was there blood? Hell yes! Was there a story? A very good one, too. Should you see this movie? Of course.
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Five Word Review

By laaloba
Written September 20, 2009
Gerard is great as always!
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