Gail Kane
Date of Birth
Jul 10, 1887
Birth Place:
Philadelphia, PA


A major star of World War I melodramas, Gail Kane began her screen career in 1913 and enjoyed an early breakthrough as the star of Upton Sinclair's The Jungle (1914). Famous for her roles in such war dramas as Souls in Pawn (1917), in which her character avenged the death of her husband by becoming an Allied spy, and On Dangerous Ground (1917), which cast her as a French girl falling for an American soldier, Kane found her career waning after the armistice. In 1920 she sued Park-Whiteside Productions for breach of contract and was eventually awarded $2,719 in damages. The suit didn't do her screen career much good, however, and she played supporting roles in her final films, Lillian Gish's The White Sister (1923) and Lowell Sherman's Convoy (1927). ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

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