Critics are Stupid, this movie rocked!

By chrisbjax
Written August 07, 2009
GI JOE was excellent. All the bad reviews are garbage. Tons of action, lots of CGI, hot babes, not too deep of a plot to fall asleep too, and did a fairly good job sticking to comic book, and cartoon roots. Left wide open for more background and sequel. A 9 out of 10 + 2 thumbs up! GO SEE IT, NOW!
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Totally Awesome

By bpcbrinks
Written August 11, 2009
Growing up with GI Joe's, this movie is a tribute to the action hero's we played with. On the way out of the movie theater, my son was asking the attendant if he knew when the next one was coming out so we could plan to see it. Wonderful mix of new and seasoned talent. Well put together.
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The Real American Hero no more . . .

By anothermoviebuff
Written August 08, 2009
If you are a true fan of GI JOE then you would know the phrase, "The Real American Hero". Unfortunately this movie does not portray this because G.I. JOE is ran by NATO. I was ashamed because of the lack of American pride. This movie has nothing to do with the comic book or even themes from the 80s version. Besides this, the movie was mostly CGI. It was like watching a friend play a video game. Acting was horrible. Plot was a repeat of most current action films. I should have saved my money on this one. If you want to veg and eat popcorn then go and see it, just don't expect anything good.I conclude by saying the new catchphrase, "G.I. JOE, the Real European Hero!".
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O well, maybe next time

By Magnis
Written August 07, 2009
Poor CGI, bad acting,bad plot, but it is G.I. JOE Maybe they will make another and get it right.
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A Real American Hero

By creole75
Written August 09, 2009
I've been a fan of GI JOE since 1983. I've been telling my kids about how good it was for years. I was worried this movie wouldn't live up to my favorite cheesy cartoon of all time. make me look silly to my kids like "This is what u've been talking about all this time?!" I needn't have worried. This movie was absolutely excellent. I loved it. They loved it. The story was like something from the cartoon. The characters were good. The way the story revealed backstory on certain characters was done well. Zartan was straight crazy. Probably the best villain here. Breaker was a complete pleasant surprise to me. Marlon Wayans has destroyed his famous siblings in hollywood. None of them can touch his performance here. He was funny as usual, then turned on the action star. Impressed was I. The fight scenes were good (some funny, some campy, some very kikas$). I can't even say enough how much I liked it. I daresay this is the Summer movie to see. YO JOE!!!!!!!!
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