By Fresh87DB
Written August 08, 2009
Horrible acting (especially Channing Tatum), way too much CGI, cheesy love story, too many cut scenes showing the characters' stories, casting was weak sauce. I'd say the movie was made for young kids like 6-10 yrs old. I should have known it would blow with The Mummy director behind this bc those movies sucked too, and throwing in Brendan Fraser as a cameo was lame! I REALLY REALLY hope they REMAKE it with a good director and give it a Transformers style meaning the older crowd will enjoy it and have more realistic looking action. I don't know who saw the critic review on Movies.com but that lady Dawn whoever needs to be fired bc this movie was not better than either of the Transformers movies!!! Funniest part of the movie was I couldn't get over the fact Cobra's voice (before he put his new mask on) sounded just like Justin Long's character Brandon St. Randy in Zack and Miri Make a Porno. So yeah SAVE your $10.25 or matinee money bc it's not worth any price of admission.
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Forgot my own rule

By redyeah
Written August 09, 2009
When I saw this preview I thought there was no reason for anyone to see this. After seeing it there are a few reasons. This is a summer movie and my rule for summer movies is that they must have intense action and good looking characters to stare at when the horrible acting is displayed-that's all a SUMMER movie needs. That being said, this movie is specifically designed to see when you need that extra shot of adrenaline. Looking at the hard bodies will get your blood pumping, after which the action will redirect your blood flow. Also to be noted, there was a bitt of character development, but only a dash. Nothing to praise over though.
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Five Word Review

By whatzatusay
Written August 27, 2009
Extremely Dumb But Kid Friendly
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critical thinkers beware

By leobearspharlem
Written August 03, 2009
now hasnt experience told us that not to judge a book by the cover. Lets just hope that the hulk, spiderman, ironmans etc. in use all can come to grasp and realize that its a 50 50 chance that its one gonna rock your socks off or two its gonna be so lame that you wish that you never wasted your time! i for one think that even in this economy i can afford to take the risk just knowing that its a GI Joe movie ... Dude!
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Campiest film I've ever seen

By behindthecamera
Written August 07, 2009
G.I Joe, a film giving less than expected on already low standards. The numerous holes in the overcomplicated plot added on to the unneeded flashbacks. Unlike Transformers 2, this film does not amuse with overjammed action and the occasional "witty line." While the acting is sub-par, the characters are very diverse and some are overall ridiculous. The punches, kicks, and beams of blue never let up (which for some action loving fans of G.I Joe might enjoy,but most people might not.) G.I Joe has a very weak story line. Unfortunately, the twists at the end don't help the overall plot. It's the same business-man take over the world we've seen in Bond many times, and the same nanobot eat metal idea we've seen in many film, the most recent being the Day The Earth Stood Still. It's hard to place Joe in a category, for the violence passes through the mind like in senseless video games, but the one-liners and forced humor is PG. Ridiculous enough for comedy.Comedy: B+ Real: D-
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