By movie_fanatic10
Written August 08, 2009
Amazing! Fantastic! Awesome! Spectacular! There's more words i wont to say but wow! I was amazed by this film! Great action scenes! I don't get what's wrong with these ppl who gave bad reviews! ITS GI JOE for crying out loud! The 2 main girl actresses were HOTT!!! i reccomend this one!!!!
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G.I. Joe

By cherylthebutterfly
Written September 10, 2009
I didn't know anything about the movie, and was pleasantly surprised. Not a lot of great dialogue, but it made up for that lack with lots of fast-paced action and special effects. It started out in high gear and never stopped. Channing Tatum as hunky Duke and Dennis Quaid as Hawk were my favorite characters. Worth going to see.
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ray park saves another movie.... sort of

By JP91
Written August 13, 2009
it's pretty bad when the best actor in a movie doesn't speak. ray park, yet again, saves another movie from a tremendous fall into obscurity. for those of you who have no idea who he is, ray park was darth maul in star wars episode I. the few action sequences that snake eyes has saved this movie for me. the action was no where near as good as you all think and the acting was no help. i seriously want to punch channing tatum in the face. along with dennis quaid, he has picked horrible roles over the past few years. his last good movie was "the rookie". but, i do give props to joseph gordon levitt for his take as the coveted "cobra commander." especially with what he's given to work with. like the incredibly cheesy voice and horrible mask. they should have left his voice the way it was when he removes his breathing device, instead of making him sound like a 65 yr old porn star.
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Decent take on the GI Joe Mythos.

By Boylonian
Written April 10, 2010
As modernizations go, I would give this one two thumbs up. Its entertaining, has good action and hails back to the original storyline moderately well with some well known faces from the cartoon. While this movie is obviously a attempt to create a new set of movies based within the storyline, they did it in a way that doesn't take away from the story too much. I'd recommend seeing this if you are after a good action film or just looking to get a blast from the past.
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Forgot my own rule

By redyeah
Written August 09, 2009
When I saw this preview I thought there was no reason for anyone to see this. After seeing it there are a few reasons. This is a summer movie and my rule for summer movies is that they must have intense action and good looking characters to stare at when the horrible acting is displayed-that's all a SUMMER movie needs. That being said, this movie is specifically designed to see when you need that extra shot of adrenaline. Looking at the hard bodies will get your blood pumping, after which the action will redirect your blood flow. Also to be noted, there was a bitt of character development, but only a dash. Nothing to praise over though.
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