By Tiberious88
Written August 08, 2009
This movie is bad ***!!!!! and it was funny too. I cant wait to see the second one and anyone who didn't like it wouldn't know a good movie if it hit them in the face. those who try and complain about the graphics don't even know what good graphics are apart from the video games they spend their life on. THIS MOVIE WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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If there's nothing else to see....

By fireworx325
Written August 27, 2009
This movie was OK. I've seen better than this, much like everyone else, but it was amusing for the most part. It was at heart just an action movie and there was a lot of "action figure" comments, or whatever you'd call them, like "it will be you who .. blah blah... next". The story line surrounding the main character was interesting, but I think fell flat just by the type of movie I saw it as (action not really a thinking movie). The action was really good though, if you like that sort of thing, with good special effects and whatnot. So, somewhat generic, but not completely awful. If you don't mind spending the money (yeh....) go, just don't expect the ultimate movie of a lifetime.
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Written August 08, 2009
I was a big fan growing up. (27) I am still a big fan. This is the best cartoon to live ation movie ever made. The action will impress any viewer and the story respects the old Joe. It delivered everything I expected and more. Snake Eyes could have his own movie. IMO Also, as a father of a 7 year old boy I would not reccomend it for children under 10 due to the monster looking bad guys. And really I don't think the violence was too bad. I don't remember anyone screaming and bleeding while they died. I think on DVD it will be fine with a few edits for my son to watch. I loved it. Will see it again and bring friends. GO JOE!!!
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By BubblePopper
Written August 14, 2009
I'm not gonna lie. I'm a huge fan of G.I.Joe when I was a little kid. I couldn't believe that they were doing a movie out of it! The movie had a lot, and I mean a lot of action. "COOL!"Their was a lot of noise, but we were just sitting near the speakers. The actors were "awful!" Channing Tatum, plz save that speech that you wanted to become an actor while you were a model. Marlan Wayans did an ok job. Sienan Miller was smoking "hot" in the movie. Snake Eye's ka-ra-te moves were also cool.There were even times that you feel like you want to get up and stretch, or feel like sleeping while there were fighting bad guys. It's best to watch the movie in theaters, but never rent, unless you didn't have the time to see it there. Personally, I'll give it a 6.5/10!
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Shocking trailers and moderate script not bad..

By the_flick_reviewing_king
Written July 30, 2009
I was in the theaters the other day what else is new i mean i battled a lake effect snow storm to see friday the 13th hoping it wouldnt disappoint and it didnt it wasnt great but not bad. srry off topic. well saw previews and trailers before the transformers movie among the previews besides the movie 2012 and the sorely disappointing G-Force was the film GI Joe the rise of cobra you know I thought man this movie is ahead of the younger kids time plus it has to do better than that of transformers well I have to tell you I was shocked to see that the preview actually drew me in and kept my attention I didnt take a sip of pop or eat any popcorn I was motionless. Well just in the previews the special effects and raw humor were enough to make me want to buy a ticket. Not only is there an allstar cast of actors but there is a fair script behind it as well I recommend it and think its safe for the kids has a chance of being a summer blast. Maybe i ll see you there.
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