By 1971mercedes
Written August 07, 2009
OK THIS MOVIE WAS SOOOO CORNY, BUT IT KEPT TRUE TO ITS TV SHOW AND COMIC BOOK ROOTS. hahaha my friend and i went and saw gijoe tonight at 1215am. if i was 12 id say it was the best movie ever made, and this year best actor should go to stormshadow, why? well not only does he kill people by hitting them in the head with throwingstars but he destroys the eiffel tower by shooting it with a chemical weapon mounted on the end of a rocket launcher and he also wears a white ninja suit the entire time. ohhhhh dont be decieved by the stupid trailers this movie is more exciting than putting a squirrel in your pants. you just have to sit back and imagine you are a kid watching cartoons. if you can get by that youll enjoy it the baroness and scarlett are both hot and snake eys walks across an alarmed room on his finger tips! look out for zartan you will laugh your___off but also be entertained by the action, the cgi sucks but so did the drawing in the cartoon. whats next a he-man movie i cant wait
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G I Joe Rise of Cobra

By cherieshipp
Written August 21, 2009
I do not recommend this movie for children below the age of 13 or for adults who do not like graphic violence. The number of very realistic stabbings in the eye socket and through the body cavity with long swords made for a very uncomforable experience for my family.
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Frikin' Awesome!!!!!!!!!!

By good_is_good
Written August 08, 2009
Sure the acting is a little flat, and it's as deep as a shot glass, but it is VERY entertaining. There is more action in this movie in the first 45 min than both Transformers movies. Something to note, Sienna Miller as a brunette is much hotter than Megan Fox, and the battle suits the chicks wear are hot. The CGI is awesome, the sound is explosive, action sequences are great, lots of cool attack vehicles (and suits), and there are TWO ninjas! That may not get an Oscar, but it is way more watchable than the average Oscar drivel. Paramount was smart not to let the critics at this movie, they are so in enamoured with the dramatic tension of gay love between cowboys that a hetero action movie is not going to get a kind word. This week I believe they would rather I watch a "cooking show"; really? I think if Duke and Ripcord had a love scene in a tent they could get another 40pts on the Tomatometer. Definitely go see this movie this week so that you can see District 9 next week.
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By Ashkaun2
Written August 21, 2009
WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN A GUN/SCI-FI ACTION MOVIE: 1) Belivable/Serious/Realistic 2) Plot 3) Action 4) Dialogue VERDICT: 1) Not even a little bit. You would think that at some point Sommers (the Director) would take a step back and say "Hmmmmmm, i think i have a tad too much green screen and CGI". But he didn't. So that resulted in an UNREALISTIC science-fiction catastrophe. 2) Good Plot with ALOT of characters and ALOT of interesting background stories. Therefore the story was actually pretty good. 3) Great amount of Action. If only the ridiculous amount of CGI didn't get in the way 4) A little cheesy Dialogue sometimes, but pretty funny at other times. RATING: B-/C+ for good Plot, great Action, but WAY TOO MUCH green screen, CGI, and Sci-Fi fantasy bullcrap
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By Spartacus2000
Written August 08, 2009
One high-octane, heavily CGI-laden and loud action set piece after another, to ultimately deadening effect the rest of the bad acting and some mild cheesy dialogue, "The French are pretty upset." If you’re a fan of the cartoon franchises, you will no doubt like this modern day story. Personally I would reconsider twice the comments from others with scant reviews for this film. The film is without a doubt entertaining, isn't that the point. If one have an overwhelming need to have brain stimulation while watching a film, then one have already placed yourself in the same category as the "bad movie". If "smart" is what one wants, pick up a book.
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