I just saw it

By apalacios28
Written August 06, 2009
i just came =) out of a sneak preview and the movie is amazing. the aciton is intense and well done, its funny at certain parts and snake eyes is such a bad***..the ending is open-ended so expect part 2... but otherwise kick *** movie and is pretty true to GI JOE lore...
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G.I. Joe: the Rise of Cobra

By csreeves
Written August 16, 2009
Wow, how many more things from my childhood can they turn into crap? In the first ten minutes they tried to fit in as many nods to the cartoon as possible but not in a good or natural way. Everything felt forced and the story was garbage. Cobra Commander is the baroness' brother? WTF??? The baroness only turned evil because of a bad relationship between her and Duke? Again, WTF???? She turns back at the end of the movie and fights Cobra? I was waiting for a mass explosion and Optimus Prime to enter the screen and say " Roll out, Yo Joe" !!!! Now i realize the cartoon was no masterpiece but the movie makes it look like Shakespeare. Anyone going to relieve their childhood, just buy the cartoon collection just released.They even set it up for a sequel but hopefully it will never see the light of day. Now you know...........
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ABOUT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Written May 07, 2009
i am so glad to see they finally decided to make this movie!Hopefully it can live up to my expectations.
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By JR_Cuevas
Written August 08, 2009
Who doesn't like a Movie with a Great story, Great Action and Hot Girls with Guns! Oh, and don't forget Ninjas! FTW!!
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Action, Action, and more action!!!!

By Deebie1975
Written August 07, 2009
I went to a midnight screening of this movie. The place was PACKED!!! I was hesitant to go based on the fact that no critics were allowed at pre-screenings....thought that maybe it was gonna really stink-NOT THE CASE!!! G.I. Joe was an icon for all the 80's kids. This could be a comeback- seriously. The action kept me and my kids on the edge of our seats while the plot continued to unwind until the very end. An odd thing that caught me by surprise was the humor that was depicted in the movie as well....but with one of the Wayons in it...probably should come as no shock to some. I will get this movie when it comes out on DVD...not for the kids but for myself :)
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