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Just WOW!

By Evixor
Written March 30, 2013
Lots of action, opens nice, sad that not all last movie star were in this one too, but new cast very good. Great movie sounds were great crisp, and perfectly balanced for the surround effects and the 3D was great.
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Bait and switch - spoiler alert

By zimm_imax
Written March 31, 2013
I want my $ back! Duke MIA, killed off in first 10 minutes? Plot not much better. Do not expect to see the GI Joe franchise continue beyond this sequal. Very disappointed.
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G.I. Joe: Retaliation

By baseheavy
Written March 31, 2013
It was so much better than the first one. The Rock was awesome.
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Not awesome. Too much hype, IMAX helped.

By starjowns
Written April 20, 2013
Way better than the first, decent story. It held enough of my attention but I think it lacked some action actually. Only a couple scenes that were however pretty awesome. The worst part is the RZA cameo. He's a good rapper and great producer, but he's proven that he shouldn't be involved with movies. Wait for Blu-Ray which probably wont be long now.
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If you're a Action/GI Joe fan...Go

By Nova-Prime3
Written March 29, 2013
The first GI Joe foreshadowed doom for the franchise but Retaliation i feel salvaged it. There was a better casting and actors in this one. Which for me ruined the first one. The Action was a little farfetched...but its an action movie!!! Its supposed to be like that. The graphics were obvious at some points thought. The 3D was used quite a lot throughout the movie which was good. Some of the battle scenes were a bit overwhelming...but i would imagine if you were actually in a battle thats how overwhelmed you would feel.
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