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GI JOE Retaliation IMAX

By mmjroe
Written May 30, 2016
The movie was good. The problem with it not being great is there are better movies that have been out in the last six months that make this seem plain. Lots of action but plot is not unique at all. Good for kids I would say adults will be neutral. I'm sure Superman, Startrek, etc will be much better.
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It's a must see 3D Imax

Written May 04, 2016
It's a must see 3D Imax movie. Action packed from the beginning, a twist you wouldn't expect. In my opinion they left it open for a part 3, but if they do makethe 3rd one they better do one hell of a job....So directors and writers dont get lazy and keep the special effects realistic not completely unbelievable. Kj
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A Step In the Right Direction

By mikejwash
Written March 29, 2013
After lowering the bar with G.I.Joe: Rise of Cobra, the semi-reboot/sequel, Retaliation manages to create a TRUE G.I.Joe film, just minus a real plot. This film is clearly based more off the original Marvel comic books than the 80s TV show, which is a huge bonus. This film is infused with new life by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Bruce Willis and although there is little character development, G.I.Joe delivers in action arena. One of the best moments in G.I.Joe and perhaps this summer will be the 9-minute ninja battle in the mountains between Storm Shadow, Jinx and Snake-Eyes. This sequence alone is worth the price of an IMAX 3-D ticket. Jaw-dropping! Outside of that, G.I.Joe gets a little tougher by integrating the military style of action from the first Transformers and putting it here. A huge life over the hokey, Accelerator Suit action from the first. Retaliation is far from perfect--there's still plenty of hokeyness here, but it's a huge step in the right direction.
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About as exciting as reheating take-out food ...

By gemini027
Written July 24, 2016
I've been waiting for this movie to come out for almost a year. Imagine my disappointment when I paid to see it early, in IMAX, only to achieve the excitement level I experience when reheating take-out food from my favorite restaurant. I won't lie, they tricked me in the beginning; it looked promising for the first 15 minutes. But, then it went downhill and just hovered around average. If you've already seen everything else out, then go see this. If not, save your $$ for the DVD.
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GI Joe retaliation

By bug1701
Written July 01, 2016
good pop corn movie :) its never going to be a Oscer winner or somhting. its a good fun, fast paced movie that just bunches of fun and a fair amout of sillyness. sadly the best part of the movie, is at the very beginning with the character develipment. it shows the Joes as people, as honist hard working soldiers with families. then sadly, most of them are killed off, and the ones that are left, except for dwayne johnson are, well, boring. would have bin much better if Tattums character was kept alive, he and dwayne johnson's chemistry was fantastic. after the first act, all character develipment seemed forced, and just bad. again, the other surviving Joes were boring to watch, you didnt care about them one bit. thou Jonathan Pryce protrail as both the president and villen, realy kept the 2nd half of the film from falling on its face. he alone kept many of the EVIL sceens alive and watchable. the action sceens were moslty good and beleavable, effects were good on the whole, but notisabl
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