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Good Action

By rockaby
Written March 27, 2017
The main thing about this movie was the action. The Ninja fight scene on the cliff was the best I've seen in a while. For those that like action and a fan of the GI joe toys when they were kids. I recommend. The Acting was ok. It wasn't what this movie was to be about. The story was good. I did not expect the story to be as good as it was for this type of movie.
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Love Action Flicks

By biggwood
Written September 27, 2016
You do not go to a action flick for the story line, you go to see stuff blow up. IMAX 3D is the bomb and G.I. Joe delivered lots of action enjoyed it alot!!
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GI Joe done right

By voodooturbo
Written July 28, 2016
This is how you do an 80's action toy movie. You give us good action, fun character interactions, you play to the mythos (Snake-Eyes and Stormshadow), and, for the love, you TAKE THE VEHICLES STRAIGHT FROM THE TOY TO THE BIG SCREEN! I had a child-like grin on my face, seeing the H.I.S.S. tanks brought straight from the toy to the IMAX, or the Cobra hovercraft, and helicopter. Lady Jaye was smokin hot, Stormshadow had my girlfriend drooling, something for everyone. If you're an arthouse movie snob, don't waste anyone's time, you know you won't like these kind of movies. But if you enjoy good times, and especially if you're a child of the 80's like me, quit reading this review and get to the theater right now!
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good sequel

By Johnbebad
Written May 22, 2017
Not enjoying the first one, I didn't expect much from this one. But I was pleasantly surprised how much better is was than the first. It' made for a great Saturday morning popcorn flick. Saw it in IMAX.
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Awesome in 3D!

By kasharubell
Written January 19, 2017
This movie had me exhausted by the end! It was non-stop action from beginning to end. All the guys were hot, even the villains! Great eye candy movie!
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