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By swaymbsc
Written June 01, 2014
BIG disappointment. The first G.I.Joe movie was waaaayyyyyy better than this turd. I found myself annoyed several times on how cheesy this movie was. The only reason I'm not giving this a "NO" rating is b/c some of the action sequences were entertaining.
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Great Movie! Lots of Action!

By MusicManGreg
Written March 30, 2013
I loved the movie! Seeing G.I. Joe the movie back in the 80's remembering all the names of the characters and the cool vehicles that were use, so this was actually cool to see this in IMAX and in 3D. Recommended!
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By koj2000
Written April 01, 2013
My family and I were highly anticipating the release of this film, as we really enjoyed the first one. We were quite disappointed however, as the acting was mediocre at best and my daughter and I couldn't really enjoy the movie as the plot, in our opinion, was somewhat hard to follow as there were too many things going on. There was one fantastic fight scene however. My husband thought it turned into a bad Bruce Willis flick. Even more disappointing was that we paid to see it in 3D at an IMAX theatre. We should have waited for it come out on DVD.
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G.I. So-So

By MedRed
Written March 28, 2013
Then: I remember watching the first half of the first GI Joe and thinking how bad the acting, plot, dialogue, and fighting were. Then...the heavens opened up and poured glorious action down upon the audience. Just when I thought the downpour was over, a hurricane of action hit in shock & awe fashion and put me on over the edge! Now: Retaliation has slightly better acting, dialogue, and plot. It adds some new toys, a hot cast, and a more mature feeling. The problem? It forgot all of the amazing action that made the first movie worth it. Retaliation plateaus with some OK fight scenes that don't make up for the gaping plot holes and spotty storyline. This movie could have spent less $ on big actors and more on action. One thing is for certain, Cobra Commander has swagger! If you see one action movie this weekend, see Olympus has Fallen. There are short character sequences at the start of the credits and nothing after. If you like my reviews, add me as a fan. I'll add you back!
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Yo Joe!!!

By Jsarge316
Written March 28, 2013
This movie was awesome.They brought in new characters which was cool, more the better. One thing I didn't like about it was that they killed off one of the main characters early into the movie.Either way I did really enjoy it.I do see a third one being made.
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