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GI JOE Retaliation IMAX

By mmjroe
Written March 31, 2013
The movie was good. The problem with it not being great is there are better movies that have been out in the last six months that make this seem plain. Lots of action but plot is not unique at all. Good for kids I would say adults will be neutral. I'm sure Superman, Startrek, etc will be much better.
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A Step In the Right Direction

By mikejwash
Written March 29, 2013
After lowering the bar with G.I.Joe: Rise of Cobra, the semi-reboot/sequel, Retaliation manages to create a TRUE G.I.Joe film, just minus a real plot. This film is clearly based more off the original Marvel comic books than the 80s TV show, which is a huge bonus. This film is infused with new life by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Bruce Willis and although there is little character development, G.I.Joe delivers in action arena. One of the best moments in G.I.Joe and perhaps this summer will be the 9-minute ninja battle in the mountains between Storm Shadow, Jinx and Snake-Eyes. This sequence alone is worth the price of an IMAX 3-D ticket. Jaw-dropping! Outside of that, G.I.Joe gets a little tougher by integrating the military style of action from the first Transformers and putting it here. A huge life over the hokey, Accelerator Suit action from the first. Retaliation is far from perfect--there's still plenty of hokeyness here, but it's a huge step in the right direction.
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It's a must see 3D Imax

Written April 01, 2013
It's a must see 3D Imax movie. Action packed from the beginning, a twist you wouldn't expect. In my opinion they left it open for a part 3, but if they do makethe 3rd one they better do one hell of a job....So directors and writers dont get lazy and keep the special effects realistic not completely unbelievable. Kj
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Lots of Action

By sirbosk1
Written March 28, 2013
There is a lot of action but also some extremely unlikely action as well. I saw it in Imax and that was fun but it was only so so.
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If you are a Joe this is mandatory !

By Deth101
Written April 02, 2013
One spoiler in this review, beware ;) Some of the cooler vehicles made a appearance this time, a water moccasin !! and yes its great lookin, fangs and the new hiss' are pretty cool too. Spoiler alert................................................ Channing Tatum is DEAD !!! YAY I love Duke but Tatum was terrible, so glad he is done with my Joe!! Seems like they have chosen to loosely follow the cartoon series Renegades which is kind of a bummer, limits the characters avaliable but it was way worth seeing if you are a Joe fan !
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