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Great movie.

By zhoward007
Written March 28, 2013
Loved the movie. Lost a few main characters, that was a bit confusing, but overall it was a good film. Dewayne johnson was amazing yet again. Go see it!
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Worth Seeing

By taylormadeevents
Written April 25, 2017
Not as good as the first, but then again most sequels are like that. But it is a good action film. Especially if you are a Dwayne Johnson fan.
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GI Joe

By bribey
Written April 25, 2017
it was an awful movie basically just a Rock action film. Bears only a passing resemblance to the first movie and I was sorry i wasted money and time on it. It was very forgettable. Not like the first one. did not enjoy this one. Channing Tatum was barely in it and the rock had no chemistry with his costars.....wait for it to come out on dvd
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Oh No Joe, Say It Isn't So!

By Al P
Written October 06, 2015
There's so much testosterone in this film it's a wonder the FDA didn't get involved in its production. Yes guys, this one's for you. The screenplay is dumbed down to the level of the basic 8 year old's mentality. There's nothing but violence, murder, explosions and fancy death toys BUT sadly (Quentin Jerome Tarantino) not one drop of blood, thereby giving it the robust PG13 flavor, even when slicing faces open right there in front of the camera. Yes mom and dad, this is the same dosage of violence to be found in most video games so there you have it...the perfect Saturday afternoon outing for weekend dads and sons, and one big excuse for mom to stay home with her thoughts, unless of course she just can't resist beef, albeit rancid and a bit difficult to swallow. Bad film? Nope. Good film? Not really. Worth a ticket purchase. Yes, if for no other reason than to count the number of times you've seen that scene before, all strung together into one big formulaic mess of a movie.
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GI Retaliation

By ejteguinn
Written October 20, 2016
Reviews have been mixed but decided to go see it this weekend. Liked it better than the first! Kicks off movie in motion,and stays that way, also introduced more characters that were interesting, love what they did with Storm Shadow. Can't wait to see what develops with him from here. Will miss Duke, but it gave the characters drive and incentive. Exciting and non-stop. If you like a fun- fast paced movie with a feel good ending despite all, this one's for you. Oh, and Bruce. He was great! Really liked the lack of language in this one. There was some, small words, but nothing hard core, which made it a prime movie for my 11 & 14 yr olds. We need some good "hero" movies, This is one. Go see it. Well worth it.
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