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Just as Bad as the First Movie

By chiwpark2011
Written March 30, 2013
Although Channing Tatum's acting was questionable in the first movie, his rapport with The Rock was the best part of the movie - too bad it only lasts 5 to 10 minutes max - where they both are playing video games and talking about Roadblock (The Rock's character)'s little girls, etc. Other than that, the fight scenes were good but sometimes too choppy, particularly in the beginning. The entire Storm Shadow storyline was the worst integration of a storyline into the overall plot. The screenwriter did a terrible job. But the fight scenes are cool and who doesn't like The Rock?!?
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decent for teens

By Vtyson1128
Written December 25, 2014
always keeping in mind the target audience for films, i understand that a g.i. joe flick isn't going for a massive storyline or oscar-winning acting job.. for what it is, it is decent.. the action is alright but i think the ninja action gets a little ridiculous, even for ninja standards.. overall plot is very comic bookish, which is fitting and doesn't feel contrived or ridiculous.. the female character makes for nice eye candy as well, and they don't overdo it like a lot of movies.. heck, the bar can't be any lower after Rhianna in battleship, right?.. there also is a lingering feeling in the movie that they are going to do something extremely cliche and they do not, which kept it from a red review..
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Better, but still not great

By Archie Moonshine
Written August 28, 2014
A better version of G.I. Joe than the last movie, but still not the action movie most fans want. Some interesting twists, and some very good action scenes. This isn't The Avengers, but a good movie for a fun afternoon.
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great action scenes but a bit disappointed

By tracyg
Written October 01, 2014
I was a bit disappointed. Don't want to give anything away but if you advertise the crap out of something then maybe that something should actually be! The action scenes were awesome tho.
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Gi Joe 2 is totally disappointing

By tonydmm2
Written December 20, 2014
Most Rock movies suck, I was curious to see if he would ruin this franchise as well, answer yes. The joes have two special gadgets they use in the first 5 minutes of the movie, the rest was totally boring, the new girl is half as cute as the other actress. Bruce & snake eyes were really cool, everything else about the movie was totally boring, don't waste your money.
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