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G.I. Joe: The phoney!

By pannabecker3
Written April 01, 2013
Just watched the movie last night with the wife and I have to say for the action it was great but as for the story I have to say as a hardcore GI Joe fan I was terribly disappointed. 1st: How are you going to start a sequel without explaining what happened to the original Joes, 2nd: And one of the biggest disappointments of all how in the he!! are you going to kill of DUKE???? In every story Duke is always the leader of the GI Joe team not roadblock and one last thing I cant help but look at the fact that this is another movie that the Rock had to put himself into and it goes to crap!!!! Rock stick to the Fast and Furious movies stay out of the other movies made from shows we all watched as kids!!!
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By thedoctor777
Written September 25, 2016
Even though I found this movie to be very entertaining, it wasn't a great one to say the least. Many of the fight scenes were poorly done and lacked realism. The acting was OK, but no one really did an outstanding job. My hat is off to the stunt men and woman in this film. They did an excellent job. I rated this film a GO; only because it was entertaining. It's worth your time and money if you have nothing else to do on a given day.
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Gi Joe 2 is totally disappointing

By tonydmm2
Written June 26, 2016
Most Rock movies suck, I was curious to see if he would ruin this franchise as well, answer yes. The joes have two special gadgets they use in the first 5 minutes of the movie, the rest was totally boring, the new girl is half as cute as the other actress. Bruce & snake eyes were really cool, everything else about the movie was totally boring, don't waste your money.
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"All the Men I've loved before"

By ramonarcruz
Written March 28, 2013
For the ladies: Before I saw the movie, I was thinking, this is my opportunity to see "All the Men I've loved before," and I felt "ooohh, what a dream come true?!" But , I then saw the movie and should've known it was going to suck if Channing is Duke. I kept waiting for Bruce to come out to be his Die Hard Self (I dont want to spoil it for you). The Rock who used to be so appealing just appeared to be morphing into an Arnold (sad to say). For the Action Movie Buffs: I call it, "so-so." There was a nice ninja action part but other than that, go watch it on DVD OR on discounted movie tickets. As far as the writing? It's your classic kind of GI JOE.
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My guys enjoyed it and that's what matters.

By Rosebud916
Written April 08, 2013
The storyline was a little hard to follow for someone like me who does not follow the GI Joe story/cartoons/comic books/etc...closely. There seem to be gaps. I enjoyed the two previous movies much more. If they make another movie we'll still go see it. All in all it was what I expected, lots of action and stuff blowing up. It was still pretty cool.
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