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Slightly cheesy, but entertaining....

By KellyJ
Written July 28, 2016
I would agree that I still prefer the cartoon over the movie. ;-) But, the action sequences and fight scenes are awesome. The new and improved toys and weapons of choice are stunning. The dialogue left something to be desired at times but the movie had me chuckling and waiting for the next explosion. I'm sure that most men will find the action on point and ladies.... plenty of yummy man candy.
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By carzygirl25
Written August 31, 2016
OK so I'm not the biggest act fan but with a cast like The Rock, Channing Tatum and Bruce Wills I figured it would be decent... welll ummm yea no! it had its action scene movements but the plot didn't seem as great as it should be and alot of the old cast wasn't in this movie.... GREAT EYE CANDIES i will say that so ladys if your husbands or BF are making you see this movie and least you have something to look at for an hour and half
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'GI Joe Retaliation'? More like 'GI Joe Regurgitation'

By jmarrero1479
Written July 27, 2016
Quite possible one of the worst movies I've ever seen. A lackluster script, so-so acting, and if not for the mountain scene featuring Snake Eyes, the action would be almost non-existent. The few scenes featuring Dwayne and Tatum feel forced and unfunny. Just when you don't think the movie can be any worst, we're introduced to the Rza's character. Can you say MISCAST? I may be one of the few people who actually thought the 1st 'Joe' movie was a lot better. A LOT. At least the 1st installment had back stories for each character. This time around, you have no idea who's who and therefore never gain a real connection to any of the characters. This was screenwriting and directing 101 on how NOT to make an action movie...or any movie for that matter. Directors should start taking notes from Justin Lin. It's apparent he gets IT
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By ShadowsServant27
Written March 28, 2013
well im not sure if everyone agrees but i will say that i was just disappointed by this movie. not gonna lie, my expectations were a little high given how well the last movie did and also how they made us wait an extra year for it. but the story was just all over the place and the holes are too many to count. not a bad cast, but needed more consistentcy to the plot and they really shouldnt have advertised Duke as much as they did, not even in the movie that long. it was an ok movie at best.
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Too many personal stories

By All-Knowing
Written October 04, 2015
I went only to see Bruce Willis. Well he had a very small part. Practically an extra in the crowd. The movie itself was good. Every person in the movie had a personal story that had to be told. I didn't like that. This is part '2'. This is where you just have a good movie. My disappointment may seem obvious, but mine wasn't the only one in the theater. Go if you want.
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