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GI Joe Retaliation

By newyoricanpure
Written February 12, 2016
This was a very good movie I loved all the special effects and the story line was good lots of Action which is great and the short jokes were placed great into the dialogue. Would see again
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Was More Like a G.I. Joe 4 Direct to DVD Release

By glas500266
Written June 28, 2016
The entire movie started off on the wrong foot. Too much time had passed between the two stories. What were the "nano wars"? There was no tie-in to the G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and no resolution of any of the threads left open from the end of G.I. Joe 1. What happened to Baroness? Was she cured? Where did Ripcord Scarlett, and General Hawk go? The first movie had great production values and special effects. This had nothing more than a few explosions, cheesy jokes and a thin to nonexistent story. Don't waste your money. I can't imagine how bad the movie would have been if they didn't delay the release for almost a year. Utter crap.
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By rtstudent
Written March 29, 2013
The movie was very action packed with a much better plot the the first. I took both my teenage kids and they both loved it too.
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G.I. Joe: The phoney!

By pannabecker3
Written April 01, 2013
Just watched the movie last night with the wife and I have to say for the action it was great but as for the story I have to say as a hardcore GI Joe fan I was terribly disappointed. 1st: How are you going to start a sequel without explaining what happened to the original Joes, 2nd: And one of the biggest disappointments of all how in the he!! are you going to kill of DUKE???? In every story Duke is always the leader of the GI Joe team not roadblock and one last thing I cant help but look at the fact that this is another movie that the Rock had to put himself into and it goes to crap!!!! Rock stick to the Fast and Furious movies stay out of the other movies made from shows we all watched as kids!!!
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G.I. Joe

By Ms. Nicolette
Written August 29, 2015
I thought it was very action packed!! The smartalic remarks by some of the cast was good. All of the movies seem very weird with everyone going after the presidency--and again with the White House being over taken so easily--that is the only part I will never understand because that part is so unrealistic. G.I Joe is definite must see if you like action.
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