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Ok for the kids

By tmchis
Written March 31, 2013
My kids enjoyed it but that's the most I can say. My BF and I were disappointed. If you're gonna spend your money on it, pay for the cheap matinee.
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Lots of Explosions

By jfjordan1947
Written April 20, 2013
If I didn't have an 18-year-old grandson, whom I took, I probably wouldn't have seen G.I. Joe. That said, however, I've seen worse movies. SPOILER ALERT: If I'd known that Duke (Tatum Channing) would get killed off early in, I probably wouldn't have gone at all!
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I think Fans are mad

By lisaswarn
Written March 31, 2013
And for the most part you have every right to be!! I think GI Joe Could have been better but it's basically a movie in which there is action and eye candy. Oh and one surprise......but I am not going to give it away. As a female who isnt familiar with GI JOE this movie was pretty good, so go see it!!
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By mjtodhunter
Written March 29, 2013
This movie was very entertaining! Lots of action and fighting scenes. Plus there was a lot of eye candy ;) Can't wait for the next one!
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Great if you're 14

By jhs39
Written April 01, 2013
I would have loved this movie when I was a 14 year old boy. Being a man in my 40's I found the whole thing a bit too empty-headed and attention-deficit paced for my tastes. G.I. Joe: Retaliation is all action with barely any plot and characters with about as much depth as the toys this was inspired by. The script is by team behind Zombieland. While it never comes close to achieving the highs of that film there are occasional moments of wit and humor--in fact, compared with any of the Transformers films G.I. Joe is Noel Coward. But most of the action is more kinetic than exciting. The one notable exception is an extended sequence in the Himalayas involving ninjas fighting while dangling from ropes on the side of a mountain. That one sequence made me feel like I was a 14 year old boy. The rest of the movie mostly made me feel like a 45 year old man at a kid's flick.
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