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By 53lulu
Written May 05, 2016
like the movie very much,will see again with my 13 yo daughter,for the whole family to see im waiting no,w for the the most the cinematography,
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Great Sequel

By jrgagliardi
Written July 24, 2016
Great sequel, but its a shame they were not able to bring back more of the original Joe cast. Nonetheless, the Rock is a perfect member of Joe and I see a few more in the series.
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Part 1 was A LOT BETTER...

By richarc93
Written February 09, 2016
Took the family to see this flick.. I was somewhat dissapointed. What made GI Joe awesome for me the first time around was the High Tech Weapons and toys they had. This time they preferred to pay high priced actors (Very good actors) instead of the flashy graphics and high tech stuff.. It's a so, so movie for me. Kinda slow and like my title said, Part 1 was a LOT BETTER... I will not be buying the Blu Ray on this flick..
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Written July 31, 2015
TOTALLY LOVED IT !!!! I know most of the times it is the guys that like the action adventure, but Yes there are ladies like myself who love a man of power and plus a lot of eye candy some old and some young THE ROC & CHANNING enough said And of course my secret crush from old schoolBRUCE WILLIS!!! YES, Love the sacarsm. Ok MUST GO!!!!
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By j-dog75
Written May 29, 2016
This should have been awesome however spoiler alert the Joes get double crossed most die. Then the rest was about rebuilding. It was entertaining but with good writing it could have been a classic. Lady Jay definitely a plus in this movie whenever the movie was slowing down they would put her into something skimpy.
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