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Where's the Plot? Is it behind that last explosion?!

By ZanesMovies42
Written December 18, 2014
...Whoa nelly. After waiting four years, I was expecting a much deeper film. What do I mean by "deep"? I mean plot-driven, visually captivating, and a lot of character development. I was merely satisfied by the first movie, "Rise of Cobra". It was action-packed, but it left a lot of loose ends and several opportunities for further growth. I was hoping to see that. What I got instead was a cheesy, overhyped, pyrotechnic-driven nightmare, with Dwayne Johnson, not Channing Tatum, at the helm. The Rock uses all of his WWE acting skills to pummel the daylights out of all hope I had for this movie. The plot was so very outlandish and ridiculous, even for a GI Joe sequel. It left me with a sense of incredulity that I particularly hate when leaving the theater. Bruce Willis was the only redeeming quality; his humor and mere presence made me feel like I only wasted half of my movie ticket expense. But otherwise, don't bother on this one. 1.5/5.
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By j-dog75
Written July 30, 2014
This should have been awesome however spoiler alert the Joes get double crossed most die. Then the rest was about rebuilding. It was entertaining but with good writing it could have been a classic. Lady Jay definitely a plus in this movie whenever the movie was slowing down they would put her into something skimpy.
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Written November 23, 2014
TOTALLY LOVED IT !!!! I know most of the times it is the guys that like the action adventure, but Yes there are ladies like myself who love a man of power and plus a lot of eye candy some old and some young THE ROC & CHANNING enough said And of course my secret crush from old schoolBRUCE WILLIS!!! YES, Love the sacarsm. Ok MUST GO!!!!
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G.I JOE retaliation

By theloudz
Written October 28, 2014
what a great movie took the kids they had a blast all the toys I had as a kid are in this movie!definatly will be buying this for my home collection.
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Good Fun Action Movie!

By joeywsjr
Written October 28, 2014
Movie is not boring, it def. accomplished that. There is some really good action sequences, and good acting. As far as the plot ehh...but u have to remember this is G.I. Joe were talking about, not Lord of the Rings. Alota funn, and fine for all ages! Go check this flick out
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