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G.I. Joeke

By Darkola
Written July 24, 2016
I have seen the previews for this movie many times over the past few weeks of going to the show to see other movies, and was really excited and looking forward to seeing this, the action looked like it was going to be good, and with Bruce Willis and Dwayne Johnson, how could you go wrong ? ... Well in my opinion they did. This movie had nothing original going for it, I've seen one to many times a movie where someone can be made to take another identity and be made to look like them, I've also seen one to many movies where its about the nuclear weapons *yawwwwnnnnn*. I also felt this movie became somewhat confusing if you dont really know each character beforehand, especially for a movie like this, where you are going to have younger kids wanting to see this. I felt like I was watching more of a cartoon or Ninja Turtles movie, where your not suppose to take it to serious. I'd give this 2 of 4 stars myself, wait for the DVD, hope ya enjoy and please add me if you like my reviews :)
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Not worth the money

By MadDawg24
Written May 01, 2017
Okay, let's be honest...G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra didn't raise the bar that high in regards to a G.I Joe Movie. But I'm certain that Retaliation just lowered that bar. There were a couple of good action sequences, but the characters were all one dimensional, the story was spotty and rushed, and nothing was explained. Anyone saying that this is the G.I. Joe movie we've been looking for wasn't a fan of G.I. Joe back in the day. I wouldn't recommend wasting your money on this movie. Wait until it comes out on Redbox and watch it for a dollar. Or if you're that anxious to see it in the theaters, wait until it hits your local dollar theater.
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By nyfunny07
Written August 29, 2016
I am a child of the 80’s and a huge GI JOE ARAH fan from the beginning. I love the toys and the stories written by Larry Hama that were found in the Marvel comics back in the day. RETALIATION picks up were RISE OF COBRA left off but explains in voice over what has happened since then. You have to keep an open mind, JON CHU is trying to bridge the two movies together yet make this new one stand alone. I want to say he gives RISE OF COBRA (and the GI JOE franchise) its respect for what that movie was (a foot note so to speak) but quickly moves on from there and establishes RETALIATION as its own. Without giving away spoilers, RETALIATION really got me excited about GI JOE again. Nod to Mr Hama’s “Silent” issue can be seen btwn Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow in a great way. Rest of the cast was awesome. Like I said keep an open mind and don’t look to much into the little things and most of all enjoy it! YO JOE!!!!
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GI Joe: Retaliation

By Magik3
Written July 25, 2016
Loved it! I've always been a big GI Joe fan so I was excited about the movie. I miss some of the old crew (Ripcord and Scarlett) but otherwise it was great!
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G.I. So-So

By MedRed
Written August 25, 2016
Then: I remember watching the first half of the first GI Joe and thinking how bad the acting, plot, dialogue, and fighting were. Then...the heavens opened up and poured glorious action down upon the audience. Just when I thought the downpour was over, a hurricane of action hit in shock & awe fashion and put me on over the edge! Now: Retaliation has slightly better acting, dialogue, and plot. It adds some new toys, a hot cast, and a more mature feeling. The problem? It forgot all of the amazing action that made the first movie worth it. Retaliation plateaus with some OK fight scenes that don't make up for the gaping plot holes and spotty storyline. This movie could have spent less $ on big actors and more on action. One thing is for certain, Cobra Commander has swagger! If you see one action movie this weekend, see Olympus has Fallen. There are short character sequences at the start of the credits and nothing after. If you like my reviews, add me as a fan. I'll add you back!
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