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It was okay

By bryan.c.fung
Written April 05, 2013
WAAAYY better than the first one. This movie doesn’t take itself seriously and the actions scenes did not have so many camera tricks that it confuses you. To bad this was not to worthy for 3D (I don’t know why all these companies film everything in 2D, then spend extra time and money to convert it back to 3D). Character acting was just fine for this type of movie. Only a few stupid (one REALLY stupid) scene but the action makes up for it. One more thing, action movies as long as this one tend to really feel long but this one didn’t because everything was satisfying (except for that one stupid scene). 7/10 (save your money and don’t go for 3D, or go all out and see it in AVX)
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Action packed

By brownkerri1
Written April 02, 2013
This was exactly as it was planned, good action funny jokes, hot dude's and dudette's. You an never go wrong withe the Rock & Channing not to mention Bruce still has it goin on!!!!!!
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Enjoy The Ride but stay away from the 3D version

By kboom72
Written March 28, 2013
This is what I would call a live Action Comic Book Movie franchise. It should be that way. Rise of Cobra was the start and had to flood you with a lot of background to get new comers to catchup on the story. Now with the second installment Retaliation it is the next Comic Book. Not everything is going to connect. This is still a fun action flick! The acting is exactly what would would expect from an action movie so don't look for any award winning performances. This is a big explosion cool guns and swords movie. Just Enjoy The Ride! The 3D on this is worthless. The speed of some of the action sequences made it to blurry. I would have enjoyed it more in the regular viewing mode. I should have stuck to my guns and saved 3D money for an Avatar or a Harold and Kumar movie. At least I know the 3D would have been intentional and not an after thought.
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Go Joe...not-so-much :(

By Deebie1975
Written March 28, 2013
I went to an early showing of this as I could not wait for it to come out. I was a child who grew up watching the cartoon and really liked the previous installment of GI Joe:Rise of the Cobra. I quickly realized it was not in the same league. The movie fails to go into much detail about what has happened since the last Joe (info gaps.) Adding to this fact the movie was more action based and lacked some serious dialogue (most was cheesy and somewhat meat-headed between Duke and Roadblock.) This one also lacked the plot that the first one had distinguished. I guess it was staying true to its cartoon format as it was action packed and would easily keep a 6 year old entertained. However, for those of us who need a little more bang for that $15 dollar movie ticket were disappointed with this production. Lump sum as Bruce Willis states "My cholesterol is a little high" I agree and feel his pain $50 bucks ( for my family) for a huge disappointment.
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lots of hype

By blshaw32
Written July 29, 2014
Saw it in 3D, too much going on to really see everything on the screen. We were very disappointed that Duke only had what amounted to be a cameo - the previews and interviews with the actors led us to believe he was an integral part of the movie. It would have been much better to see Channing, Dwayne, and Bruce fighting together. Take a pass and watch it on DVD later.
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