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Good story lost some of the Joe Lore.

By Wolfing1785
Written March 30, 2013
A very good action film with some moments of stress and lots of explosions. The characters for the most part are true to the old cartoon with a few changes in some of the backgrounds. Overall the movie kept to the feeling of the Joe's righteous fight against the forces of Cobra. ******SPOILER-STOP READING TO AVOID SPOILER-ONLY SPOILERS AFTER THIS******* The change of Stormshadow's backstory to make him more of a gray character was unexpected but the team up of Snakeeyes and Stormshadow was heart warming and helped to balance the non-stop action with a sense of righteousness.
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GI Joe Retaliation 3D An exciting action Movie

By tcbodrouk
Written March 30, 2013
Took our family to see this movie last night. We loved it!! We do not see all movies in 3D, but this one was great! It was as if you were right there and the action was all around you. The mountain scenes were fantastic and beautiful! Everyone should see this movie who likes action, and likes to see the good guys win. I would even go see this movie again in a heartbeat.
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Not good, not bad not worth seeing in the theater

By Asmodeus1971
Written September 15, 2014
The little they kept from the first movie they either killed off quickly or changed actors. It was kind of slow. They didn't have the high tech beyond typical military gear from first movie. The movie was kind of slow, even boring at times. It wasn't awful but wasn't truly good either. Just wait for it to come home not worth 3D prices in theater although the use of 3D was well done. DVD, Blu_Ray or streaming is the better bet for this movie.
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Watch Once movie - not something I would watch 'again'

By crmody
Written August 01, 2014
While the action was good, this is not a movie you walk away from feeling like "I must tell everyone and I must go see it again". The story line was a bit weak for the hype. Rate it: 7 out of 10
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Written October 04, 2014
MUCH better than I thought it would be and the 3-D graphics were great. It also had the right amount of action and 'sexy' to keep you entertained. Glad I saw it in 3-D!
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