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Yo Joe!

By HarleyPeace
Written May 31, 2016
Not bad...definite improvement upon the first movie. Mr. Willis always is wonderful to watch. The action scenes were great! The characters not too bad considering any character development had to be smushed between guns, swords, ninjas, and tanks. Go see it! You'll enjoy it.
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By kondorky
Written September 01, 2015
Once again let down by the lack of quality 3D. Action was good but have seen better. About what I would expect from an average at best action movie. Dwayne Johnson has his moments but this is not one of them.
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Lots of Action!

By TanyaHCI
Written May 30, 2016
The movie had lots of action. The actors had great chemistry and sometimes you felt a real connection with them. It's a good movie to see with family and friends.
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Another bland movie

By TexasCritic
Written June 27, 2016
Action movies by their nature are predicable but this one was simply dull. The story was interesting but was poorly put together and poorly executed. The cast fit together well enough but the effort put forth was half-hearted. My advice is saved your money.
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By questorm06
Written February 13, 2016
so so movie however 3D makes it a go. good action and the fights were great. Upset that they killed of the Joe's Leader so early in the movie.
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