Reasonable Halloween teen movie

By onihuawanshu
Written September 05, 2015
I buy 3 tickets for my little sister of 7 years old and your best friend of the same age. As any of the Nickelodeon movies is little more raw language @ comparable the same type of movies of Disney. Little bored @ begin but later take a real shot @ all the expectation of the single mom with teenager and little son. The following has very good moments and the end is awesome. Really worth the $30 I spend @ 3 tickets and big pop corn and soda.
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This is a very funny movie!

By sanvern
Written May 23, 2015
Don't know why some are given this movie a bad review. It was cute, very funny with a very funny ending, wait for when the credits start and watch - laughed so hard LOL. Cute and funny movie, a fun movie. We all could use the laugh these days. And I'm 56
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Fun size

Written March 03, 2015
You must go see this move it Is very. Funny and I mean very funny It is a must go see. Move I give it 5 stars
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Very Funny and Amazing!

By baileycharmed00
Written September 16, 2014
I saw the movie today and I thought it was HILARIOUS! I've seen some comments say that Nickelodeon shouldn't of made a movie with language like that, but if parents didn't want their kids seeing that, then they should have looked and saw that it was PG-13!!! Don't blame Nickelodeon! I loved the movie and I want to even see it again! I laughed the whole way through it and couldn't stop. This is now my favorite movie of ALL TIME!!!!!
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For Fans of Victoria Justice.

By LordRaymond
Written May 24, 2015
Fun Size was not a movie that one would expect from Nickelodeon but the end result it was decent. Victoria Justice was the best part of the movie. This comedy was not bad but highly inappropriate for preteens. The movie I felt would have been better quality wise if it was rated PG since the movie had too much of a made for TV or straight to DVD feeling. Despite that it was still pretty entertaining but it is not for everyone.
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