By Shaw1
Written May 04, 2015
Save yourself the time and money and just watch the preview because that's where all the funny parts start and end. This movie does not deliver. I bet there was a really funny script that was cut down for time and a Nickelodeon audience. This flick had Chelsea Handler, Johnny Knoxville, and a "bad" little brother, the recipe for a funny teenage "Sixteen Candles" like movie. With this cast how can you go wrong and not be funny?This was the only time in my life I wanted to walk out of a movie
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Written August 04, 2015
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ok I guess

By bblankenship3393
Written September 20, 2014
its ok, it really should not be in nickelodeon if it has ¢uss words.¡!
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pretty fun sized

By hyperjak
Written November 04, 2012
Despite the fact that at times, the movie couldn't decide wheather to make kids, preteens, teens, or adults laugh at it, or what demographic was supposed to be targeted, this movie really wasn't bad and I'd recommend it. Enough good laughs and moments to make the movie worthwhile plus it was the only comedy related Halloween movie out that wasn't a cartoon or another paranormal.
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Trick, No Treat

By superob107
Written November 10, 2012
This movie was horrible at how it tried to tread the line between decency & vulgarity. It's only success was at showing how incredibly shallow and self absorbed today's youth are (myself included). I found myself cringing and rolling my eyes more than laughing. The adolescent nerdy boy-hot girl crush that is forced into romance is typical of these types of movies, but this one was worse than most.
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