For Fans of Victoria Justice.

By LordRaymond
Written October 28, 2016
Fun Size was not a movie that one would expect from Nickelodeon but the end result it was decent. Victoria Justice was the best part of the movie. This comedy was not bad but highly inappropriate for preteens. The movie I felt would have been better quality wise if it was rated PG since the movie had too much of a made for TV or straight to DVD feeling. Despite that it was still pretty entertaining but it is not for everyone.
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Very Funny

By Natalia35
Written April 27, 2017
Very Funny I like it. This movie put smile on my face. I love it. Very cute kid in that movie. This movie is for family.
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Teen Flop

By brunolax
Written April 24, 2017
Took my daughter thinking it would be bearable - I was wrong. 10 minutes into the movie I knew I had made a mistake. It's certainly harmless though. Just drop off the kids and pick them up when it's over! Torture!
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By slaughteras
Written February 28, 2017
I mistakenly thought this movie would be similar to one of our favorite shows "Victorious", but I was sadly mistaken. I took my 10 yr old and my 12 yr old and almost left the theater half-way through. The language and sexual conotations could have been left out and this movie would have been much more enjoyable. I can't believe this movie was pushed so hard on Nick. Poor choice.
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not so good of a movie

By hananq109
Written December 06, 2016
The tailor FUN SIZE pretty much gave the hole movie away. There were many inappropriate seens for kids to watch. from the minute the movie started the movie was really boring because u already new whats going to happen. i think that this movie was probably the boringist movie i have ever watche! :(
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